BritMums Live 2015: Social Media Optimisation – doing it all at once (yes, you must!)

Facebook tweaks its algorithm and suddenly nobody sees yours posts anymore. Pinterest fiddles with its feed and your referrals go from 1,000 to 100. It’s no longer good enough to be excellent on 1 social platform; you need to be working them all.

Social Media Optimisation

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, G+, Twitter all at once? Yes, you must! The why and how

Social media is constantly changing. We don’t “own” our social media platforms, 3rd parties do. To effectively use social media for your blog, you must keep up and evolve with the platforms. In the Social Media Optimisation session, 2 high-profile, seasoned bloggers will share their strategies and talk about how to cope with the various platforms, use the right tools for the job and make the time you spend on social work for you.

About the speakers

Ali Clifford blogger speaking at BritMums LiveAli Clifford is a creative stylist and social media marketing consultant, who in a previous life ran the design studio for a well-known British department store group, and went on to be creative director for one of the founding organic and Fairtrade kidswear brands in the UK. Now with her own consultancy, Ali works predominantly with eco brands, and ethical SMEs, establishing and maintaining a strong, engaging online social presence for them. In her spare time Ali loves getting crafty with her two young boys, upcycling old reclaimed ‘junk’, baking (and eating) and experimenting with Instagram. She blogs at,, and @incredibusymum

Maggy Woodley speaking at BritMums LiveMaggy Woodley is a self confessed social media addict (aren’t we all) who owns a number of blogs, amongst which the best well known is her craft blog You will find her pretty much everywhere as “@redtedart” – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+, YouTube, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, ello, Tumblr ….. and so on how does she do that?! @RedTedArt


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