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MBPWYay, it’s the weekend! Plus there is so much to look forward to. Mother’s Day, the spring, Easter, summer, it’s all on the way.

I have been noticing signs of spring all around me this week and I’ve really been enjoying the extra few degrees of warmth that are starting to shine through. However I have NOT been enjoying my girls waking up at 6am because daylight is disturbing their sleep. Note to self: to sort out blackout curtains soon.

Spring is cleaning time, sorting out time and getting ready for the summer and in every room I look in my house, plus the garage and the garden, there is work to do. Sometimes it seems a never ending cycle of clearing up and chucking out, where does all this stuff come from?

I finally got round to writing about our half term trip to the Tower of London which was fascinating and a very enjoyable day out, well worth keeping in mind for the Easter holidays, do you still have posts in drafts that need polishing up and publishing? 

Please share your #MBPW with us and add it to the Linky below and for every mum reading ‘Happy Mother’s Day.’ I hope you have a wonderful day and I look forward to hearing about it this week.

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