#PowerToSwitch: 20 reasons to switch energy suppliers

lightbulbs by Chones via ShutterstockAre you spending too much on your energy bills? There has never been a better time to switch energy suppliers. The market has been reformed making it simpler, clearer and quicker to switch supplier and many households could save around £200 or more. Plus, it’s now easier than ever with the new site www.BeAnEnergyShopper.com, where there are 27 energy suppliers to choose from.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change is highlighting the benefits of switching supplier with its #PowerToSwitch campaign, and BritMums has enlisted bloggers to tell their stories.

Switching can save you money, result in better customer service or give you a more “green” supplier. Take a look at www.BeAnEnergyShopper.com for more information.

Here’s are the reasons other families are switching:

You can go green and independent

“Last year I was lucky enough to win a competition, the prize was a year’s supply of green electricity (you can’t get more money-saving than that!). This was the impetus to change our gas supply since we obviously needed to leave our current company providing electricity to take up the prize, and since we no longer qualified for a duel fuel rate, I thought we may as well shop around.” — Liz, Me and My Shadow

“As for our new supplier. Well, just over a year later we’re still with them and still really happy. Their customer service is great, we still get a fantastic price from them and we’re still on a 100% renewable energy plan with them. It makes me smile to think how much greener we’ve been over the last year as a result of switching providers.” — Penny, Being Mrs C

“Now, it’s not all about the big boys. I like to support independents, and now more so, with 27 independent suppliers, there’s quite a high possibility your supplier is not the most cost-effective.” — Debbie, An Organised Mess

You can save money

“I switched suppliers 3 times in 5 years and I gained every time. With 3 children budgeting can be a problem so any extras are welcome.” — Jacintaz, Jacintaz 3

“I recently switched my energy provider and I’ve saved £30 a month. This doesn’t sound that much, but when you add it up over the year that’s almost £500 so it’s worth doing. I am saving up my pennies for mine and Grim’s 40th this year – not sure yet what we are going to do…. I now feel that at £100/month I’m getting a better deal, but I will continue to look at this every six months or so just to check!” –– Joanna, Mummy’s Knee

“Suffice to say, I have followed the current #PowerToSwitch campaign with a great deal of interest as I know this is something important for us to do. Thank God spring is now properly here though, and we can start to think about keeping the heating off until Winter…and having lights on less as the days lengthen.” Liska, New Mum Online

“I thought it was a joke at first — very almost exactly £200. Needless to say, we are in the process of switching providers! We plan on doing another comparison and then changing over. £200 is a lot of money, even over the course of a year. I think it’s likely that we will spend the money we have saved on the kids, I mean — where else would our money go??!” — Kerri, Wife Mum Student Bum

“Since finding out this information I have decided that it is about time I switched over providers as it sounds so easy to do and potentially saving £200 or more this year by switching means that I can treat myself to some new clothes, although I will probably end up spending the extra money on treating my children like most mums do.” — Lindsay, Newcastle Family Life

Switching is easier than ever

“After weeks of trying to wrap our heads around deals in 10 minutes we had three options! Really good options! We were on a fairly decent deal already but we ended up saving just over £300 a year. After just moving house we thought there was no way we’d get a holiday that year but it allowed us to let the stress of the house move disappear!” — Lucinda, Bakes, Books and My Boys

“Pre-twins, I didn’t really know how much went out of our joint account. So one day I sat down and made a spreadsheet of the money coming in, and our outgoings, and compared the two. Then Hubby and I tried (where we could) to save as much as possible. We compared our energy bills on-line and I couldn’t believe how easy it was. It took 10 minutes and all I needed was information from a previous bill. When I realised that we could save a whopping £50 a month I nearly fainted!! Just by switching providers!” — Jessica, Mummy of Boy Girl Twins

“Families can often save around £200 by switching, enough to cover a few weeks of food shopping if you’re trying to save money! Some fixed deals are £100 cheaper than they were last year and by using the sites recommended by Ofgem on their Be An Energy Shopper site you’ll be able to compare prices easily.” — Kate, Crafts on Sea

“Why this website, you ask? It is where you will find all the Ofgem-approved comparison sites under one roof. That’s not all. If you feel overwhelmed by the whole energy switching process, they have a very handy step-by-step guide to take you through all that you need to know.” — Vai, Rambling through Parenthood

“Having watched the ‘Power to switch’ DECC TV advert it appears that I could be making much bigger savings than I thought and that by comparing the 27 different energy suppliers I could find the right tariff for us as a family.” — Sarah, Boo Roo and Tigger too

“If you are worried about leaving your details on comparison sites, compare using Ofgem-approved sites, like www.BeAnEnergyShopper.com that way you feel safer online.” — Rishi, Mummy and the Cuties

You can spend the money you’ve saved on family fun

“We’ve switched after using the site – it was easy, and do you want to know how much we’ve managed to save per year from the switch? £400. That’s a park ticket for us for this Holiday of a Lifetime for the kids. I’m happy, and the kids (when we let them know about it) will be happy too, and when our short time energy saving expires this time next year, I will be back on the Be an energy shopper site again to find the best deal to save even more money so we can get saving to make the move from this house to our forever home.” — Cerys, Rainy Day Mum

“We love to travel and we already have 5 breaks booked this year with the Mr having a lads week at the TT on the Isle of Man too in June, which I treated him to. By making a few tiny changes it’s surprising what money you can free up to put to better use than bills!” — Emma, The Mini Mes and Me

“Apparently making the time to understand my bill could save me around £200 a year, possibly more. Now I don’t know about you but I could certainly think of something to do with an extra £200. Perhaps that girls night out? A UK break with the kids? A trip up to Old Trafford to catch a game? Or maybe a couple of unstained dresses ;)” — Gailann, MummaG Blog

You can get better customer service

“The company I am with now not only gave me the best deal, but provided a Smart Energy Meter which sends my meter readings directly to them, so none of the hassle of submitting them every month online, or having someone visit to read them for me. They also gave me a small monitor that I keep in the lounge which not only tells me how much I am spending each day, but sets me a challenge (hard, medium or low) to spend less and sounds an alarm when I am close to going over my target each day.” — Kara, Chelseamamma

“Since being a homeowner I have been shocked by the amount that gas and electricity prices and tariffs can vary from company to company. Most tariffs are also incredibly complicated and trying to compare them yourself can be a headache inducing battle. Instead I have got used to visiting sites like www.BeAnEnergyShopper.com that make comparing energy tariffs a breeze and do all the hard work for you.” — Donna, What the Redhead said

“Millions of households are missing out on the best deals, despite the fact that there has never been a better time to switch, with 27 energy suppliers now competing for customers. The market has been reformed make it simpler, clearer and quicker to switch supplier and many households could save around £200 or more.” — Elizabeth, Expression and Confession

Bloggers taking part in the BritMums #PowertoSwitch campaign were compensated for their time. All opinions are there own.

Light bulb image by Chones via Shutterstock

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  1. 23 March 2015 / 09:41

    I love that you have mentioned how easy it is to switch, I think the constant reminders and horror stories that we hear about customers bullied, brought to tears and forced to stay with their current providers put’s many people off the notion of switching as it just comes across as far too much hassle but it really isn’t all that bad as long as you look in the right places!