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Blogger of the WeekAs I was pondering who has been exceptionally brilliant this week in the BritMums community, I started thinking about all of the Bloggers of the Week we’ve had. Then I thought I would go through and write them all down (I do like a good list). Do you know that we have had 30 Bloggers of the Week so far? We’ve missed the odd week here and there but are nearing the year anniversary of the FIRST BritMums Blogger of the Week. Hasn’t it been a good year as well?

BritMums has come such a very long way with our shiny new network, we’ve seen the birth of a new glorious conference, BritMums Live! and are looking forward to things like the Brilliance in Blogging Awards and our up and coming Big Sis Mentoring Programme. 2011 has been phenominal…imagine what 2012 will hold!

Now, we’re not done yet though, are we? We need a Blogger of the Week for this week don’t we? And you know what springs to mind when I think of this week’s BOW? RAVEN HAIRED BEAUTY! You know who I’m talking about, don’t you? It’s none other than the GLORIOUS Kate from Wit Wit Woo! Oh how Kate amuses us! Whether it be through her refreshingly honest and PERSONAL posts (Dirty Dancing anyone?) or her hilarious tweets (@IAmWitWitWoo), we’re always entertained and inspired by Wit Wit Woo.

This week one of Kate’s post really resonated with us. You is Kind. You is Smart. You is Important. is one of those posts that EVERYONE needs to read and remember and then go hug their kids and tell them how much we love them.

I know there’s a whole lot more to parenting than saying words and I have to use a different approach with my teen because it’s such a …. delicate …. time shall we say.  My, “You’re so smart and handsome” phrase has always  been met with, “But you’re biased Mum.”  True, I am.  Very.  Doesn’t mean it’s not true.  But I know it sinks in on a deeper level.  He just doesn’t like to admit it!   And I know, as much as he moans about it, he’d miss it if I didn’t say it.

They’re just words, I know, but I wish my parents had said them to me anyway.  I wish I’d been given a real sense of importance growing up and I can’t help but wonder that maybe, just maybe, I would have made different choices growing up if I did.

The important thing to remember though is that I felt loved and that’s what I hope my boys feel.

My Other Half’s mantra to our boys is, “You’re the greatest of all time,” and I think that’s awesome.  Sums up why I fell in love with him.

I will continue to tell them how wonderful they are, how loved they are … whether they like it or not!

**round of applause for the lovely Wit Wit Woo please**

Please have a browse around Wit Wit Woo today (we love your theme as well…it’s very…well…Wit Wit Woo) and be sure to follow @IAmWitWitWoo for entertaining tweets that will brighten your day. And thank you to Kate for making the BritMums blogosphere an entirely more glorious place to be.

Have a great weekend! Happy Blogging!


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  1. 15 October 2011 / 00:24

    Kate certainly is GLORIOUS but she’s a fab Titan girl – not Raven 😀

  2. 15 October 2011 / 21:14

    well done kate!