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Blog PromptsAnother week is soon upon us. For many of us, one more week and then it’s the first half-term of the school year! Can you believe how fast 6 weeks has flown by? This week I read a really interesting post by the delightful Nicki Cawood at Curly & Candid. In it, she pondered from where the pressure to blog comes from. It’s a great question and one that we hope, here at BritMums HQ, that you consider with care. We hope NO ONE feels the PRESSURE to blog. We all should be blogging because we have something to say and want to share it.

One of the reasons that BritMums started the Blogging Prompts was to kick start your imagination before the week begins in the event that you’re running short on inspiration. Sometimes we go through bouts of blogger’s block. However, we sincerely hope that no one ever feels the pressure to blog or that they HAVE to “complete” one of the BritMums Blogging Prompts. Our prompts are here to light a spark and give you a platform to showcase your work if you so choose. We never want anyone to feel that the Blogging Prompts are an assignment. Choose one, choose the other, choose both but never feel that you MUST choose full stop.

If you are inspired by one or both prompts, feel free to write a post, link up your url below and tweet us about it. We’ll be sure to visit, comment and RT anything you create as we love supporting your work. If neither prompt inspires you this week, that’s OK! Give it a miss, give your blog a rest and recharge for next week. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break, after all. Living life is where we get our BEST inspiration for blogging…get out there and live!

This week’s unofficial theme is pleasure. We’re giving you a personal and blogging prompt again so here you go:

Personal Prompt: “If I could have ONE whole day to myself, I would…

Blogging Prompt: Share with us your 5 favourite blogs and tell us why you love them.

So a bit of pleasure for you this week. Sharing what your perfect day to yourself would entail and sharing with us your “guilty” pleasures in blog reading. We want to learn more about you and what gives you pleasure (keep it clean kids).

Good luck and happy blogging!



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  1. 16 October 2011 / 11:42

    Great prompts Karin!