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Summer is well and truly here in the UK, the sun has been shining for weeks, schools are almost out and many families will be looking forward to holidays. It is also festival season – I happen to love a good festival and have put together a very simple guide telling you how to make your own flower crown – after all I am a bit if a hippy chick at heart.


I did get a lot of practice in three years ago just before we got married – I made my own flower crown for the big day so I learnt from a lot of experimenting! You can really use any flowers you like from wild flowers or garden flowers (ask before you pick) to shop bought ones, if you go to a supermarket late in the day they have often reduced their flowers right down. Hardy flowers with thick stems work well such as carnations and any foliage you can find like ivy help to bulk it out. Lavender would look amazing! Just gather a nice selection of whatever takes your fancy.

You’ll need a few materials which are all very cheap:

Galvanised wire 

Green garden wire 

Jute string

Strong scissors

Florists tape

flower crown step by step
Firstly cut a length of wire large enough to fit around your head,  make sure it fits comfortably and then twist the ends together so you have a circle. You can wrap the wire with green stretchy florist’s tape if you wish, it’s not necessary but helps when you start adding the foliage.

Next lay some green foliage, ivy or ferns, over the circle of wire – you can fix these in place by fastening them on, either with garden wire or some string.

For the next layer, start adding some of your flowers, to help stop them from wilting wrap the stems with some florist’s tape first, this will help hold in any moisture, again just tie them on with string and try and keep them all facing the same direction.

You can then poke any smaller flowers through to fill the gaps and add a ribbon if you want to for decoration. Then just neaten it up and trim any stray ends off until you are happy with the result.

Storing the flower crown in the fridge really helps it to last longer, that’s the only problem with fresh flowers, they tend to wilt fairly quickly. Silk flowers would be another option and of course would last forever.

You’ll end up with a rather satisfying  flower crown fit for a festival, and they are very cheap to make. The wire and string can be picked up in discount shops for around £1 and if you are using foraged finds, you could maybe even add twigs and feathers to the mix.

Flower Crown

Next time you are out and about – see what treasures you can collect and have a go at making your own versions. I’d love to see them!

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