Top ideas for kids’ summer activities & engineering fun #TheHolidayMakers

With summer holidays, parents thoughts turn not only to how to keep the children busy but also how we can keep their brains ticking over.

Finding activities that keep kids busy and their minds active over the summer isn’t always easy, so at our #TheHolidayMakers Twitter chat, sponsored by The Holiday Makers site, we discussed activities that will keep the kids entertained and stimulated, as well as opening their eyes to all the things that being an engineer means. On the Holiday Makers site, families can find summer activities and challenges with prizes to will get children making, doing and thinking. 

The chat was sponsored by The Year of Engineering, a government initiative created to inspire more young people to consider engineering careers by discovering the amazing engineering all around them, and highlighting the skills and interests that make children natural engineers.


What summer activities do your kids enjoy while still engaging their minds?

For my son everything is train based at the moment. He’s been doing a model of Blackfriars station recently in his bedroom. Lots of engineering to model the platforms on a bridge @PennyBlogs

My girl is a great junk crafter but recently she has added in making zip lines for her little toys! @MSEDollyP

We try to stockpile activities for rainy days during the months before the long hols. Freeform Lego building is a winner here — a different challenge to the ready made kits! @MSEDollyP

Now this looks like lots of fun! My son is in cubs and at a recent trip they made their own rafts and used them to get across water. My son is keen to try it at home (me not so much LOL!). It sounded like he had lots of fun @Tantrums2Smiles

Mine loved a raft-building experience – I am proud to say it floated although their steering left a lot to be desired @Chelseamamma

Raft Building

I love making really complex sandcastles – little cities in their own right @Kateonthinice

We’re about to go into production with bath bomb making – the chemist is wondering what I’m up to! @MissieLizzieB

We are lucky to have an allotment where we grow our own. The kids love to grow — most stuff never makes it to the kitchen! Especially tomatoes, peas, and fruit 😊. Keeps them busy @Claireabella95

Trying out The Holiday Makers Challenges

OOh I love these challenges on the site. I want to learn how to skewer a balloon without breaking it! @JHowze

Think my eldest would love the super science separator @Rootsandwings1

I think kids of any age will love these activities; how about a crisp catapult? @Britmums

The beauty of cardboard castles as you can use and repurpose things that you tend to throw away @carsandtractors


What are your favourite museums to visit?

Libraries and museums are great to visit over summer to keep their little minds working. Which do your kids like: immersing themselves in stories or exploring the dinosaur hall?

Mine are looking forward to the Mischief Makers Summer Reading Challenge this year @Chelseamamma

In the North East we have Great Exhibition of the North running too and its been great learning about inventions that originated from the North @NEFamilyFun

We are off to see dinosaurs in the wild this weekend – kids can’t wait @Chelseamamma

Keep your children learning & growing this summer

Keep your children stimulated and engaged this summer with The Holiday Makers. The website has enough activities & challenges to keep them having fun and learning all summer long and if you take part in the Chain Reaction Challenge, you could win a sleepover at the Science Museum! More details here:

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