Positively Inspirational Round-up: Loving Easter

Inspirational round-up

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Hey friends, It’s April and we’re kicking off BST with easter.  My kids absolutely love easter, we start off celebrating the sunday before Easter Sunday with Palm Sunday.

This is the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, therefore fulfilling the prophecy foretold hundreds of years beforehand.  

I love the idea that people lined the roads to see him riding in, what excitement there would have been, the people there would not have known we’d call that day Palm Sunday today.  It starts our count-down to the big celebration.

Me and my family do quite a lot of crafts at easter, I’m not a massively crafty mum to be honest as I’m not patient enough (or organised enough) to gather all the supplies needed and sit down and do it.  However, hubby is great with crafts and homework.

I make an exception with easter though as I love painting eggs, I remember doing this with my own mum who used to dye our eggs pink on Easter Sunday.

I saw a tutorial post on A Beautiful Mess dying eggs with natural dye.  A Beautiful Mess is a very popular American blog and wanted to share it with you simply because it’s so beautiful and I’ve never seen eggs look like that before.  I love that they have used plants and spices to make natural dyes that are kind to the planet and the effect is quite stunning.

In other inspiration posts Eva interviews Jenna a #supermama who left her safe employment to  work full time in her own business being a doula.  I really love the idea behind the supermama series and the fact that Jenna takes inspirational from everyone she meets.  I agree, and think we can all add value wherever we go and whenever we interact as long as we bring our authentic selves with us.

Moving on, following our hearts can be harder than we think, but Bee aka The Lupie Mummy followed her heart by moving to Somerset from Kent 6 months ago.  In this upbeat and positive post, Bee provides her highlights of being in Somerset including regular trips to West Bay aka Broadchurch.  I’m so pleased (as a fellow Somerset lover) that this lovely family fulfilled their dreams of living in the West Country.

I fully related to this post by Let’s Talk Mommy about asking for help when we need it.  I remember getting flu and then a brain virus caused by the flu that ended in a 6 day hospital stay, when my eldest was only 18 months old.  It was the hardest time but I can agree with Jenny that the tribe we have around us will rally around if we only ask.  I remember having meals cooked by our church so my hubby could work all day and not starve and our nursery who looked after our son for free while I was in hospital.  Praying you feel so much better soon Jenny.  I LOVED that she still included things to be thankful for when life has thrown such a huge curveball.

On my own blog I’ve recently shared my new niche and some of my own story.  It’s not always easy to be vulnerable and tell it as it really is.  I really hope my new niche combining faith + personal growth will be a positively inspirational place.

What positively inspirational posts have you read recently? If you know any great blogs I should be following on Bloglovin’ please let me know in the comments.  Read Michelle’s March Round-Up if you missed it, it’s a great one!  Michelle will be back in MAY when I hope the sun will be blazing and we’ll all be in flip-flops and sunnies.

Have a great April, friends.

Lizzie xo

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Lizzie is a mum of 2 spirited children, Harry 6 and Bea 3.

Lizzie started her family lifestyle blog 3 years ago after suffering PND with both babies. Her heart was to share her journey to joy, and of putting actions in place to get her to a more positive mindset.

As a recovering negative thinker Lizzie Somerset regularly advocated mindfulness, saying no to perfectionism and dropping mummy guilt like a stone.

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