Mums in Business Round-up: Outsourcing

Running a small business involves wearing a multitude of hats. Yes that’s right hats.  One minute I’m an accountant, the next minute a social media manager, manufacturer and then photographer, AND that’s just within MY own business! To ensure our business runs smoothly it’s sometimes prudent to outsource certain tasks to other individuals to let the magic happen. The Training Pack reminds us that it’s good to let go and not be a complete control freak in business whilst VACT reiterates the burden of multiple hats!

Learning to trust : “The initial difficulty you may face, is learning to trust someone else. When they’ve got this far in business by doing everything alone, it can be a real leap of faith, sharing ideas and plans with another person – let alone trusting them to work on those things without constantly looking over the VAs shoulder. This then leads to the second problem – knowing who to outsource to.” VACT offers training and coaching to VA’s and understand both the roles of the VA and client

The Smart VA provides some valid and excellent points as to what might be holding you back from getting someone to outsource too. You had a previously bad experience or you heard someone else had. In all fairness you probably didn’t have either the right person or the …… know what you are doing. 

What tasks can you outsource? She’s A Keeper has a comprehensive list of tasks you can outsource including; social media management, blogging, transcribing, bookkeeping and event management. The list is endless. Sixth Sense PR also comments on how outsourcing can also stop you feeling overwhelmed in your small business as well as offering valuable support.  Outsourcing is also a great way to rid yourself of the jobs you hate. 

Why outsourcing is so cost effective : There are many reasons why actually outsourcing is a money saver the biggest being time. The time you are spent not doing tasks that either you don’t like or take forever because they aren’t your thing frees you

Time vs Money : Marketing Vision Online Consultancy Limited looks at how freeing up time can be beneficial financially.  With only a finite number of hours available to you in the week, the time spent on this task (especially if it is not your area of expertise!) is taking you away from your core money-making business (whatever that may be).

Be specific : Marketing on Demand reminds us to “be specific about the skills you need and the work you need to be done. If you aren’t clear on this, a good provider will help work through what your actual needs are and how you can look to fill them.”  Always ensure both parties have a clear criteria and suggested outcome so that each of you is on the same page and are working together effectively. 

Common questions potential clients have : VACT also has a comprehensive list of questions which VA’s should know the answer to but also a great list for businesses owners to have for potential VA’s.

If you have any top tips regarding Outsourcing Tips for Your Small Business do share them in the comments below.  Next month’s theme is GDPR. Please do tweet your blog post links to @CharlieMoos.

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