Positively Inspirational Round-up: Celebrating, kindness & self-belief

Inspirational round-up

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It is now March and that makes it Spring in the UK, yay! Apparently we have to wait until the 20th for it to be official but what’s another 17 days between friends? I am just glad to find the weather warming up a little, the rain starting to ease and the first buds of blossom showing their beautiful heads.

I’m feeling super cheery and not just because it is Spring but because I have some wonderful positive and inspirational posts to be able to share with you this month.
Celebrating Life

My first post is a proper inspirational read. Natalie is only 32 years of age but she was diagnosed with MS a couple of years ago. You’ll be amazed and inspired as you read this post celebrating all the things she has achieved since her diagnosis. Despite having to give up work and often not having the energy to be able to look after her son she writes in such an up-beat manner that she must be inspiring a whole group of people living with conditions similar to hers.

And if you like reading but can’t get out to a traditional book club why not join Natalie’s Surviving Life book club?

Gosh such a touching post from Bec at Diary of a Fat Bottomed Girl. Last October Bec’s husband Chris lost his life to a rare form of bone cancer. This February was the family’s first time celebrating Chris’ birthday without him being there. The loss, love and strength in this post is both heart-wrenching and inspiring. Have a read and raise your glass to Chris too. Bec’s blog was recommended to me by Beth at Twinderelmo.

Dump the Negative

I’ve always subscribed to the ‘good enough mum/ parent’ school of thought and as such I’m pleased to say that I very rarely feel so-called ‘mum-guilt’. I know that God choose me to mother my children and as such I’m the perfect person for them. Of course I won’t always act perfect but as long as I try my best, it is good enough. If you are one of those people who does suffer with ‘mum-guilt’ and I know there are many, many of you then you’re worth reading Natalie at Plutonium Sox post on ways to banish the mum guilt.

It was my first visit to Laura’s blog – Mummy’s Gin Fund but I’m sure it won’t be my last as I really enjoyed her candid writing style. This recent post titled ‘Why 2018 Is the Year I saw F*** off to FOMO’ is a great read and Laura if you are reading this, you don’t sound creepy at all, let’s go our dancing on tables!

Kindness Rocks

Alice at letters to my Daughter really made me chuckle as she saw an online kindness initiative and wanted to join in. Only to find she was a year too late! Of course Alice quickly realised you are never too late for kindness and set about giving herself a pat on the back for kindness she is already involved with and setting some new goals too, including giving more. I love the idea of her work’s happiness committee. Terri at The Strawberry Fountain has also been thinking about giving and has dedicated her year to completing at least one act of giving each month.

It’s so great to have a submission for this round-up from a man, so I’m pleased to include Luis a Single Daddy Day Care with his post about why you can celebrate Valentines’ as a single parent and he also pops a few very sensible suggestions of things to avoid on Valentines day too.

Believing in Yourself

Believe is my word for 2018 and for me this means self-belief and belief that God has got my back. Here I share my January update of how I am finding it having that kind of belief. 

I’ll leave you with a nice easy read from Nicola at All Things Spliced. She questions when we lose our self-belief. From watching her toddler she sees his determination and self-belief in everything he does and wonder why we as adults aren’t also just as free with ourselves to learn, to dream, to be. Self-doubt and self-depreciation doesn’t have to be our everyday narrative.

So there we go, what did you think? Did one of the posts particularly resonate with you? Or did you just generally enjoy them all and come away feeling a little brighter? Lizzie will be back with April’s Positively Inspirational round-up and I’ll see you again in May when I fully expect there to be glorious sunshine!

Have an amazing month, Mich x

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