Interview with Mark Hoyle, AKA LadBaby: Celebrity Dad Of The Year 2018

We’ve all seen the celebrity Mum or Dad of the year awards pop up in the past – these are generally famous parents in the public – footballers, actors, actresses and even royalty usually make the finals and then it goes down to the public vote.

You may have been as excited as us to see that Youtubers/Bloggers have started creeping into these awards now and when one of our own Mark Hoyle, AKA LadBaby make it into The Clas Ohlson Celebrity Dad Of The Year 2018 finals it seems we were all over the moon – and voted in the thousands.  Mark was actually a Britmums finalist in our very own Bibs fresh voice category. 

ladbaby and family

Of course, in typical Mark fashion he joked around, made a video announcement and started practicing his acceptance speech – however being up against some hugely famous names he didn’t really expect to win. 

Those who made the finals were:

  • The Duke of Cambridge
  • Simon Cowell
  • Rio Ferdinand
  • Simon Thomas
  • David Walliams
  • Liam Payne
  • Anthony Joshua
  • Tyson Fury
  • Josh Patterson
  • Mark Hoyle

As you can see there are some huge names in that list but with voting left to the public it seems he really has won us all over with his hilarious videos showing his transition from Lad to Dad. I’m sure you will all have your favourites – my personal one is where he invents a whole new style lunchbox or perhaps putting baby to bed in the department store, and what fabulous timing in being crowned The Chas Ohlson Celeb Dad of the year 2018 then just after the birth of his 2nd child.

Speaking about the partnership, Melissa Titshall, Head of Marketing at Clas Ohlson, said: “The Clas Ohlson ‘Celebrity Dad of the Year’ award is not only about celebrating famous dads, but also to shine a light on the great work that dads do across the UK. Mark has shown us and the public just what family life is like behind closed doors and, in doing so, has amassed millions of dedicated followers.

Previous winners of the Celebrity Dad Of The Year Award include; Take That’s frontman, Gary Barlow, sports and TV star Freddie Flintoff and musician Tom Fletcher – who has taken home the gong twice.

LadBaby 800x400

I was able interview Mark following his win – see what he has to say on his success and how he got started:


1. Where do you find the inspiration for your ideas? 

It’s hard to say where I find most of my inspiration but it’s normally bank balance related. I want my boys to have the best possible start in life and to want for nothing but sometimes I have to think outside of the box when making that happen. I also think that if I can save a few quid on non-essentials to be able to afford a few more days out as a family why wouldn’t I?!
2. Did you always plan to film these or did it begin by accident?
LadBaby started as a blog that developed into a vlog over time. For over a year I shot and wrote a daily LadBaby entry on social media about my ups and downs of a first time dad, but it wasn’t until I decided to film my journey to replace my son’s lunchbox that things really took off. After the success of that one video I thought maybe I’ll try another, and then another…and the rest is history.
3. Honestly, have you ever done something which was so funny but not recorded and then gone back and repeated to capture on film?
Haha, Roxanne (my other/better half) will tell you that how I am in the videos is how I’ve always been, with or without the camera’s rolling. We’ve never repeated or staged any of the comedy moments or reactions in our videos and I think that’s why they work so well. They also say you should never work with animals and kids and that’s sooooo true as you NEVER know what a toddler is going to do next. To be honest, you should see the stuff I do when the cameras aren’t on lol!
4. How does Roxanne put up with these antics daily?  Or are there days when you can be serious?
I think Roxanne just knows what I’m like now. Of course there’s moments when I’m sensible as being a full time adult is hard work, but Rox and I are both fairly laid back and just try to enjoy life as much as possible. We have hard times and difficult days but that’s when it’s important to try and laugh your way through it. If you can laugh though the tough days the easy ones will be incredible.
5. Is there an occasion where you’ve thought “I’ve gone too far even by my standards”?
Ermmm, not really…well, not recently anyway. A few years ago before we were parents and before I started LadBaby I used to hide in wardrobes, cupboards, behind doors etc and would wait for Rox to walk by so I could leap out and make her jump. I used to love it but she banned me from doing it after I made her cry when I leap out a tree while she was jogging.
6. Who is your hero/idol? 
Not hero’s as such, but I definitely idolise my parents and all the hard work they put in with me and my sister as we grew up. My Dad worked 12 hours days during the week and worked a second job at the weekend, while my Mum relentlessly feed, clothed and raised us while working during the evening. We never had a lot of money but we had love and laughter and that’s all we needed. 
7. Who’s the one person on the celeb list you most wanted to beat? 
Probably Prince William or Anthony Joshua! Not many people can put on their CV that they’ve beaten a future king of England or heavy weight boxing champion.
8. Have you given anymore thought about creating a sausage roll themed Christmas number 1? 
Haha, I DESPERATELY want to do it but I’ve got zero idea about singing, recording a song or releasing it to the public. I know loads about eating sausage rolls though so if anyone reading this has the necessary know-how to do the rest…LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!
(For background on this question please see the tweet below)

9. When was the first time you realised people loved your antics and you were successful? Perhaps hitting x amount of shares on FB or being recognised in the street for the first time by a fan (family does’t count here)
I guess it was straight after the Toolbox Lunchbox video blew up. It was the first time I’d ever done a vlog and almost over night people were shouting “yes mate” at me in the street. It was pretty surreal at first but I totally love it now. The LadBaby fans and followers are incredible and it’s always nice to meet the people that watch us every week
10. Do you think there will ever be a time where you have to start taking life seriously? 
Believe me, having two kids to feed, a mortgage to pay, holding downing a full time job and battling a relentless sausage roll addiction is harder than it looks 
Well, I for one really hope he doesn’t stop any time soon.  Congratulations again Mark
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