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I have always loved the effects created by marbling, I can remember doing it at infant school to go on the front of a scrapbook, I am pretty sure at the time we used inks in water. I have had a go myself at a couple of techniques with my kids. We have tried the shaving foam and paint method (very messy but great fun) and the nail varnish in water method – both work really well.

A few brilliant blogger friend’s have shared some of their marbling craft activities – there are so many different ways to do it but it does seem that shaving foam is a firm fave.

Louise from Messy Little Monster has created a Marbled Heart Card using shaving foam and food colouring – looks like the kids had great fun getting their hands dirty too!

Marbled Heart

Jemma from Thimble and Twig has made Puffy Planets from PVA glue, shaving foam and paint to create the marbled effect – they’ve managed to make a solar system! 

Puffy Planets

The Craft Invaders have marbled some glass bottles using nail polish and it looks amazing! You use warm tap water, and gently drop the polish on to its surface. If you just tip it in quickly, it may sink to the bottom, so use the brush held just above the water to control the flow. Once you have added your choice of colours, use a cocktail stick to mix them up to get a marbled effect. Beautiful!


Sarah from Whimsical Mumblings has also used nail varnish to create a watercolour marbled effect on a mug. This technique also involves nail polish in water and then dipping the mug in to get the desired effect.

Watercolour mug

I adore these marbled rocks found on Kiwi Co – there is a great step-by-step tutorial on here showing how to create the patterns.


Lastly, Anoushka from Spitting Yarn has shared a post on marbling on paper – this also uses shaving foam and water colour paints. You move the mixture around with a cocktail stick to create some pretty patterns in the foam and then rest the paper on top. 



Have any of you tried different ways of marbling? Feel free to let me know.


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