Allergies Round-up: The month of love

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Ah February, the month of love! I really love this kind of year, I’m a sucker for anything heart shaped and it’s nice to spend a little time reminding our loved ones of just how much they mean to us. Even if you’re not very big on Valentine’s Day, it’s hard to resist feeling a little extra lovey-dovey at this time of year.

We love to give a few gifts out at this time of year to friends and family, and I’ve got lots of love inspired (and allergy friendly) ideas for Valentine’s Day over on my blog. Here’s 5 really (really really) easy ideas for edible gifts to make with your little ones, or if you’ve got littles with multiple food allergies or aversions there’s some non-food gift ideas too.

On the subject of love, every month when I sit down to put together this round-up I’m always overwhelmed by the amount of love these bloggers show. The love they have for their children who are going through so many difficulties thanks to allergies; the love they have for what they do, as they pour their whole selves into their blog and their work; the love they have for their readers, as they spend hours and hours creating content which aims to make life for allergy parents just a little bit easier. Our community is full of incredible people, doing extraordinary things and showing more love than I ever thought possible.

A perfect example of this is this beautiful post from Natalie from The Intolerant Gourmand – To My Hero. Callum and Natalie have been through so much, and in this emotional post Natalie reflects on the past four years. It’s impossible not to feel all of the love they have for each other.

As parents we obviously love our children dearly, but sometimes it’s a little harder to learn to love ourselves. Self care is tricky to navigate, especially when you’re dealing with children who need a little extra care, leaving you with little time to think of your own needs. This post from Just The Three of Us about Depression, Motherhood and Allergies broke my heart. Life can be really hard at times for us all, and having the strength to say I’m not okay is a huge achievement. Having the energy to love yourself, to find time for yourself, to look after yourself the way you should isn’t always very easy, but it is of course an absolutely essential part of surviving parenthood.

On a slightly lighter note I’m ending with something I truly LOVE, which was Gluten Free B’s Fruit is not a Pudding campaign which took place during December. I’d like to go so far as to calling it a movement, highlighting some of the really sad looking desserts which are often presented to those with food allergies at Christmas parties by professional caterers. Baffling really that so many professional caterers aren’t able to come up with some better options. Carly announced the winner and highlighted lots of entries that were both funny and pretty awful, and I think it’s a brilliant way to have a little laugh in an otherwise kind of depressing situation – I love it!

That’s all from me this month, so I will wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day, a love filled month, and plenty of decent allergy friendly desserts with no fruit salads!! As always if you fancy being included in my next round-up leave a comment below or send your posts over to [email protected] – I always love reading new posts!

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