Bumps & Babies Round-up: Announcements

It feels like the whole world is making baby news announcements at the moment! So, I thought I’d share some of the lovely announcements that I’ve come across recently, for my first ever BritMums Roundup! Thankfully, I’m expecting my own baby, due next month (eek!), otherwise I’d be feeling mega broody right about now. I do love a good pregnancy and birth announcement, but who doesn’t?! 

I’ll start with Lyndsay, from Fizzy Peaches, who has just announced her baby news; she’ll have an 18 month gap between her two children which is similar to the one we’ll have with ours, as M will be approximately 22 months older than her little sister. Like Lyndsay, I’m hoping that the small age gap will mean that they share a close bond and it will be well worth having two under two! You can see my own pregnancy announcement here, if you’d like!

Hayley from Devon Mama has mixed in her pregnancy news with her feelings on capturing the ordinary moments in life – and I think she’s so right. Too often we focus so heavily on capturing the big events, like birthdays, Christmas or that first roll, crawl, or step, that we forget how fleeting all the other little less-momentous, but no less special, moments can be. 

Kimberly from Odd Hogg has apologised for being less present on her blog, as she’s been busy growing a tiny human! I found that I was just the same with the first trimester of my pregnancies – I find it difficult to write about anything that isn’t at the forefront of my mind, but wasn’t ready to announce until I’d had that first scan!

Leanne made this gorgeous video announcement of her pregnancy, which gave me all the feels! A beautiful family day out with a very special twist at the end! Leanne is due in September so I’m sure we’ll have lots more stunning pregnancy-related videos to look forward to from her. 

Rachel has written honestly about the first trimester and how things haven’t been so easy the second time around, while Siobhan has written this post on pregnancy after baby loss. I can totally relate to Rachel’s post as I definitely relied on ginger biscuits to get me through the nausea of those early weeks more heavily than I did the first time!

Emily has the sweetest birth announcement for baby Lilah, which has made me go all gooey and say things like, gosh, I don’t remember M being that small!, which I always thought was a cliche, but actually is true! Congratulations to Emily; Lilah is just beautiful!

If you have any Bumps and Babies related posts that you’d like to share with me, then please drop me a message on Twitter (@mrsthinksalot). 

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