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mary poppins weathervaneWinds in the east, mist coming in.
Like somethin’ is brewin’ and bout to begin.
Can’t put me finger on what lies in store,
But I fear what’s to happen all happened before.

— Bert, Mary Poppins


Awww, this is the saddest post I have ever had to write for BritMums and my fingers are stilted and jolty as they hover over the keyboard looking for the right words to convey my message of departure. 

You see, I am a Taurus girl and we don’t like change. We like the comfort and feel-good factor of knowing where we are and what we are doing but it’s time for me to move on.

I have been the BritMums editor for three years now and have loved every minute of it. From my very humble beginnings in the blogging world, being the BritMums Editor really opened my eyes and taught me so much about writing online, being consistent and finding my voice. BritMums has seen me grow and become the writer I am today and I want to thank Jen and Susanna for that opportunity.

I am leaving this familiar world I love so much, I am moving on and taking tentative steps to a new world. As of today I am no longer the BritMums editor. This is the bit I get all sad, tears form in my eyes and I wave goodbye to you all with a lump in my throat.

I started a brand new role with James Villa Holidays as a social media executive on their Marketing team. So although one side of my heart is crying, the other is jumping up and down in excitement. I am part of an incredibly dynamic and creative team, my engines are fired up and my turbo boost is on.

So, it is with enormous reluctance I hand over my role to Nadine Hill from JuggleMum, who I know will do an excellent job. I leave you in good hands but I will be back every now and then to pop in for a chat.

Thank you, Jen and Susanna for allowing me to be part of BritMums, it has been an incredibly empowering experience and one I have cherished and loved every minute of but don’t think you’ve got rid of me … no such luck! I’m still here just a bit quieter than before.

A quick note from Nadine

I’m over the moon to have been appointed consultant editor and can’t wait to begin working with the fabulous round-up editors and bloggers in our great community who want to write for BritMums. Mari ran the blog brilliantly and as she’s off to her next challenge, I hope you’ll all join me in wishing her all the best in her exciting new role.

BritMums is all about celebrating bloggers in our network and helping you to grow, so please keep us informed of any good news you have to share.  The BritMums newsletter will showcase this great news. Likewise if you want to write for us, if you have a tutorial you want to contribute or an idea for a feature, just get in touch.

For the photographers out there – amateur or pro, there’s #SnapHappyBritMums, the monthly photo prompt so there’s loads of ways to get involved.

We have some exciting brand collaborations in the pipeline for BritMums Pro bloggers so if you’re interested in paid blogging and have not yet signed up, you can do that here.

So stay tuned in with BritMums, whatever kind of blogger you are. Blogging for fun, therapy, a creative outlet or for business – whatever the reason that brought you to blogging, we’re here to support that passion, help you grow in your blogging and keep your skills up to date!


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Mother of four and nana to three, Marianne Weekes has spent half her life in the UK and the other half in Italy.

Blogging since Jan 2010, she finds it hard to drag herself away from her laptop and writes about food, travel and lifestyle.
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  1. 02 November 2015 / 12:27

    Sorry to see you go Mari but congratulations on your new, exciting role!
    Nadine, welcome! You’ll do an ace job xxx

    • 02 November 2015 / 13:15

      Thank you Tinuke! It’s good to be here! x

  2. 02 November 2015 / 18:23

    You were an amazing editor and led by example. The BritMums community will miss you dearly but you are on to an amazing new future! I am so excited for you!
    Congratulations to Nadine as well. You will love it Nadine!

  3. 03 November 2015 / 22:58

    Congratulations to both mari and nadine on your new roles. Exciting times for you both. Xxx

  4. 04 November 2015 / 11:10

    Congrats again Mari on your new role, very excited for you and Nadine is a worthy successor. Change can be scary but often it leads to great things. Best of luck to both of you on the new moves (and grooves) 😉 x

    • 06 November 2015 / 17:06

      Bless you Uju! That’s a lovely comment! x

  5. 06 November 2015 / 17:01

    Mari wishing you all the best. Nadine welcome in your new role