Affiliate Marketing Masterclass: How it works

BritMums affiliate marketin masterclass sponsored by affilinetThis BritMums Affiliate Marketing Masterclass is sponsored by affilinet.

Affiliate marketing is a way that many blogger and social influencers highlight products and services to their readers while also making the most of their relationship with their loyal readers. But where do you start?

In our Affiliate Marketing Masterclass, presented with and sponsored by affilinet, we tell you all about how affiliate marketing works, how you can use it and how affilinet can help you.

This first installment, starts with the basics: what it is and how it works

What is affiliate marketing?

“Directing readers to a product or service in exchange for a commission on the sale or action when it occurs”

Affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing based on performance where an advertiser rewards affiliates (that would be you, the blogger) for their marketing contribution towards sales (or an action), on a commission basis. The “reward” is most commonly a percentage of the sale but can also be in other forms such as a fixed amount paid for each sale.

So what benefits does the affiliate marketing offer you?

As an affiliate you can monetise your online traffic by promoting advertiser products and services. We’ve listed a few of the key benefits for affiliates below:

High rewards: Affiliate marketing offers you the opportunity to generate revenue, with the opportunity for high rewards (£££) where traffic is successfully turned into sales for the brands you link to. If you apply it strategically, there is potential to make serious money as an affiliate.

Low barrier for entry: Getting involved with affiliate marketing is relatively straightforward and easy. The cost of working in the affiliate channel is relatively low, making it the perfect choice for those looking to generate additional revenue.

Innovative industry: Affiliate marketing is a hotbed for innovation for both advertisers and affiliates, payment based on sales makes it less risky for experimentation and testing. That means you can make sure you are doing it in a way that creates the best experience for your readers.

Lifestyle: Affiliate marketing provides the freedom to work remotely in accordance with your lifestyle.

Payment models (aka how you get paid): Affiliate marketing is predominantly measured on the CPA (Cost per Action) model. This means you are rewarded for driving a certain action; most frequently known in the business as a ‘sale’.

Jargon buster

CPA (Cost per Action):

An affiliate is rewarded when the site visitor is redirected to the advertiser’s website by the

affiliate and makes a purchase.

CPL (Cost per Lead):

An affiliate is rewarded based of the number of user details captured for the advertiser.

CPC (Cost per Click):

An affiliate is rewarded based on the number of clicks received for the advertiser.

Advertiser (Merchant or Brand):

A website offering a product or service which opts to promote through a third party in the digital space.

Affiliate (Publisher or Partner):

A site that promotes an advertiser in the digital space and is paid on a performance basis.


Look for the next instalment of the Affiliate Marketing Masterclass the last week in January. Got questions? Let us know and we’ll get answers!

What’s next?

To find out more about what you can do with affiliate marketing and how to work with affilinet click here.

To sign up to affilinet and start making money from your blog click here.


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  1. 02 February 2016 / 20:07

    I actually did not know what the CPL CPC etc stood for precisely until this minute 😀

    • 09 February 2016 / 11:07

      Hi Jenny,

      Glad we could clear that up for you 🙂



  2. 19 February 2016 / 18:37

    I was intrigued about affiliate marketing and this helps make it much clearer. Great to have the jargon too so that if I go down that route, I sound like I know what I am talking about. Can certainly see the potential for people at home parenting or caring.