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adoption fosteringHello, thanks for stopping by to check out the BritMums Adoption & Fostering Round-Up.
How is your summer going? Hot where you are? It’s super hot here at the moment, and we’ve been making the most of the sun by heading into the garden and to the beach.
To celebrate summer and provide some inspiration for fun activities, we’ve launched a new Linky on The Adoption Social which starts today – so whether you’re an adoptive parent, or any other kind of parent come on over and link up your posts about how you’re keeping the children entertained. Each week there’ll be a new optional theme, and we have some fab guest bloggers too, let us know what fun you’ve been having…

In the meantime, I have a few links to some great posts that are well worth a read. I’m kicking off with a post from a new blogger – Birth Mum. Unlike most of the blogs we share here on the adoption and fostering round-up, this blog is not written by an adoptive parent or foster carer. Instead, Birth Mum writes about her children being removed, and gives honest and valuable insight into her life.

As always, Adoptive Dad Al Coates has written beautifully in this post about ghosts of birth family. I found myself quite emotional after reading it, and the subsequent comments on the post.

I really like the Blue Sky Fostering blog, and this post caught my attention – Friends. There are reflections on how difficult it is for foster children, and other children who’ve experienced loss and trauma to make friendships.

There has been much in the media recently about adoption parties – and opinions are certainly divided. Foster Carer Suddenly Mummy writes about the one she recently attended for Baby Girl, and describes what happened. And from another point of view, there’s this post from Pedalling Solo – a prospective adoptive parent, interesting to see the different sides.

At some point, in every adoptive parent’s journey the question is asked – Why do you want to adopt? Whether that’s from family or friends, a social worker, or in some cases a complete stranger. People have different reasons of course, it’s not always down to infertility, as Sarah Giles writes about here. I really enjoyed reading this piece, particularly about Supawat, do have a read.

Parenting children who have suffered trauma is not easy. Many adopted children have been through things that are unimaginable. Many an adoptive parent has heard “Just love them, that’s all you can do” or “A bit of love is all they need”. Some believe that opening your heart to a child will fix all the damage that’s been done before. Sadly, that’s not always true, and it’s important to recognise that love is not enough. Lots of adopted children go on to lead a perfectly normal life – or at least their own kind of normal. Equally though, lots of them struggle throughout life. In this post from Precious Stones, we see when love is not enough…

And that’s my round-up for this month. If you know of any other adoptive parent, adoptee or birth parent blogs, please send them this way and we’ll do our best to include them.

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