Health Round-up: The Summer Holiday Edition

health round upWelcome to July’s health round-up and I hope that you are all enjoying the lovely weather and managing to stay fit and healthy in spite of the heat.  I have some very interesting and diverse posts for you this month.

My first post is from Aly at Bug Bird Bee where she talks about her son’s ongoing allergies and the list of things that he is allergic to is quite incredible.  Having dealt with mild food intolerances myself, I know how difficult it can be but if you have a child with any allergies or you suspect that they have them, this is a really interesting post.

The Free From Fairy really is the place to go if you are looking for inspiration for cooking allergy free food and if like many families, you are heading off with your tent this summer, she has prepared a great guide to  surviving camping if you or anyone else in your family suffers from food allergies or intolerances.

Staying on the subject of food, many parents have to face the issue of fussy eaters and both Jayne at Mum’s the Word and Andrea at all you need is love and cake have both tackled the subject this month.  Jayne has written an excellent guide to how to avoid giving your kid issues with food.  Filled with sensible advice, this is a good read whether you have encountered fussy eating with your children or not.  Andrea has experienced the fussy eating phase with her daughter and is pleased to be making progress, in her post Top 5 tips for surviving the fussy eating phase, she shares her tips for getting through.

Amy from 2 boys 1 mum is a children’s nurse and her post 10 Things Children’s Nurses Wish Parents Knew About Hospital gives us a real insight into children being in hospital from the other side of the hospital bed.  This post is full of great, no nonsense advice that can help you, your children and the hospital staff if your child has to visit or stay in hospital.

One mum who has been in hospital more than most is Jane at Northern Mum, who describes her daughter’s condition; Complex Regional Pain Syndrome as ‘an arse of a condition’ and I think if you read this post, you would agree that that is an understatement.  CRPS is a relatively unknown condition and Jane is hopeful that now there has been a diagnosis, they can move forward and help her daughter to overcome it.

Emma at Emma and three has been having ongoing issues with her son who has infections that result in endless trips to hospital.  In search of answers, she talks about how she was able to make the consultant listen and hopefully will start to get some answers soon in her post; Staphylococcal infections and Dylan

Until I had read this fascinating post by Southwark Belle, I had never really given Chicken Pox much consideration.  It is unpleasant, annoying and unsightly but it is something that we all go through in our lives and I had it aged 25 which was not pleasant at all.  This post is an educatinread on the subject as the writer questions why we don’t offer vaccinations in this country.

My final choice for this month is a useful post to bookmark during these warmer months.  Lucy over at Wonderthrift may be enjoying cooler weather on the other side of the world but she has some DIY after sun recipes that sound very soothing for those days when you have stayed out in the sunshine for a little too long.

That is all for July, keep enjoying the weather and remember to tweet me @stressymummy if you have written a health related post that you would like me to include next month.

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Nikki Thomas really is the Stressy Mummy in her blog of the same name and she blogs about just about anything that comes into her head about life as a busy mum. Being a mum to four, wife and part-time teacher takes its toll. Healthy living is something that she always aspires to and having very sporty and active children inspires her to find ways to make sure that she can keep up with them and their antics.


  1. 27 July 2014 / 22:43

    Thanks for including me Nikki.I know he is lucky really as he doesn’t need an epipen but it does make life a bit difficult sometimes.

  2. 31 July 2014 / 20:37

    Thank you so much for including me in the round-up! We have just returned from a great camping trip so I hope my tips can be of use to others who have to think more than most about food!!