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Footballmumoftheyear tweet on BritMumsWhat makes a Football Mum? This was the intriguing question we asked during our #FootballMumoftheYear Twitter chat. The chat was sponsored by McDonald’s, which encourages people to nominate a deserving “football mum” to be Football Mum of the Year. This scheme celebrates football mums who go above and beyond, supporting their young footballers, whether cheering from the sidelines, driving in the carpool, coaching on the pitch, or raising money everywhere.

Go here to nominate yourself or another deserving Football Mum! From running a club to leading a coaching session, there are lots of reasons to nominate!

The chat was a great conversation with some staunch football mums, gleaning tips and a few laughs about the rigours and delights of the role. They shared a wealth of suggestions for other Football Mums as well as Dads (you’ll see a slew of great tips from @sayhelloflo@shellywkd and @Mum_TheMadHouse). Even celebrity Football Mum Coleen Rooney tweeted.

We also got insight into what it takes to be a Football Mum. These include organisation, enthusiasm and — guess what — baking skills. (Football skills, interestingly, are not required, as @goriami points out).

“Most importantly it’s a team game, teaching them important skills, they’re exercising and it’s fun,” says @NelliePomPoms

Organising tips from Football Mums

Set up a Whatsapp group so if [other parents] are not at the match they get a live match report & can still join in @NelliePomPoms 

I’ve taken on the girls team social events, we do quarterly evenings at the club so we all chat and mingle in the warm @NelliePomPoms 

Things Football Mums need on the sidelines

A fondness for mud! @ikkle87

I take 2 things with me when watching my boys play: a chair and a coat. I’m an old mum now @Jackandclan

I must admit I have learnt my lesson over the years. My hair is scraped back and I wear old clothes to matches nowadays @shellywkd

Wellies have become my best friend since my daughter started playing @shellywkd

I’d go with a parka and hat. My hair is too hard to tame. Leggings are good. @jaderice9 

Oh yeah leggings fit lovely in wellies. I have even treated myself to some proper welly socks as they are so warm @shellywkd

Definitely flask of tea! @sayhelloflo

A good book 😉 @kateonthinice

Irrelevant of the sport a mum should always carry basic first aid and a picnic lunch bag! @thesoupdragon44

I always take extra bottles of water and cereal bars as so many of the other kids come with nothing @shellywkd

Hand warmers are my friend! @ChelseaMamma

A flask with something hot or cold depending on the weather. Oh and extra strong mints @deboreefree2

Training your little footballers

Mrs C tweet for #footballmumoftheyear on BritMumsStart them cleaning their boots from being little. Be prepared to redo them initially, but they get better at it @Mum_TheMadHouse 

I always have a football in the boot of the car just in case there is an informal kick around! @thesoupdragon44  

Proud of our footballers

I love being a Football Mum! Here’s Conor doing the rabona crossbar challenge! @sayhelloflo

I have no idea about football.. and don’t try to. My son loves playing though so I’m always there! @goriami

We all love football so it doesn’t feel a chore being a Footy Mum. I love kids having a passion @sayhelloflo

Maxi’s team are in the semi-final of two cups and are a fab bunch of lads @ChelseaMamma

They enjoy it and all that teamwork counts for something. Just wish it was a summer sport @Jackandclan

My son is very proud of himself doing football bless him! @MelodyxMorris

My motivation comes from keeping the boys active and happy they love their school team @PiaMaria79

To let my daughter follow her football dreams ~ I proudly stand sideline in all weather @Childcareisfun

Love of football begins at home

I like my son having interests outside of gaming and encouraging his passion for football @sayhelloflo

I usually act as goalie between training! My boys are really impressed with my dives! @bonnmirelle

My son loves ‘tackling’ in the garden! @MelodyxMorris

Parents who go above and beyond

We always donate football boots and shin pads that don’t fit anymore to the primary school for other children to use @shellywkd

[One Football Mum] checks if everyone is ok after matches and makes sure we remember to wrap up for spectating! @goriami

I totally embarrassed myself making this “goal celebration” video but it won my son’s team a full squad kit! @AnnieMay64

My job seems to be washing kit lately as my daughter sort of nominated me for it without asking. Gotta love her @shellywkd

I give lifts, wash kit and boots and am a cheerleader! (Self appointed!) @sayhelloflo

My mum friends & I do much at football practice but we deserve a medal for being there all weather @liz_jamie

I think a good football mum encourages the team even when that are losing and can withstand the awful weather @shellywkd

[Football mums] help to run coaching sessions e.g. Warm ups definitely help organisation & gets more done! @_inyourhonor

I think reminding them that they need to be a good team player and good sport too @Goriami

It’s great to have a mix of men and women in coaching as they bring different views @thesoupdragon44

The importance of fundraising

Excited to be part of the chat! Fundraising is important things like bake sales & sponsored walks do well! @_inyourhonor

Fundraising is best when everyone is involved! Makes it lots of fun! @_inyourhonor

Oooh I’ve done a sky dive! Once in a lifetime memory! @missielizzieb

We fundraise and car pool here! @chelseamamma

I help to fundraiser. I’m big on baking for sales @SirleyYoung

Banana muffins are always a hit 😉 (low on sugar too) @SirleyYoung

Oh that’s great to hear @SirleyYoung. What specifically are you raising for? Ours wants a new hub to serve breakfast! @missielizzieb

Team colours could work well icing wise @kateonthinice

Laundry tips


Nellie PomPoms tweet for Football Mum of the Year


Fairy liquid first on mud. Cool wash and don’t use fabric softner @Mum_TheMadHouse

My best memory is when my daughter slid in loads of mud and came over and asked for a wet wipe like 1 would clean her @shellywkd

Bicarb works on the boots as well! @ikkle87

I love bicarb! Make sure boots aren’t damp inside though..Or it’s messy @goriami

Ugh the smell! I put the shin pads in the washing machine @Jessies_Kitchen

Pop a colour catcher in the wash and it can all go in together @zoecampbellyork

What does it take to be a football mum?

Support and great baking skills! 😉 #FootballMumoftheYear @thesoupdragon44

Everyone coming together and mucking in raises team morale especially when your team is losing @_inyourhonor

I always have a football in the boot of the car just in case there is an informal kick around! #FootballMumoftheYear @thesoupdragon44

No more lie ins and lots of washing, but paid for in pride and having two happy healthy boys! @bonnmirelle

Interesting as well that it’s sponsored by McDonalds the favourite ‘After stop’ 🙂 @elvy106

…Because we just love football!

We all play football in this house my hubby coaches the kids and plays himself and I started a women’s team https://t.co/M7cPexZslM @MamaMeiBlog 

The final word

@BetterPlayUK: There are thousands of inspiring football mums all over the UK. Nominate your #FootballMumoftheYear today! – @ColeenRoo



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