Poetry & Prose Round-up: Making the most of March

Welcome back to the BritMums poetry and prose round-up for the month of March, one where I have seen a plethora of different poetry offerings with plenty of creativity from the young through to those of us who are a bit longer in the tooth! 

On March 21st a number of us bards celebrated World Poetry Day and some of received an incentive to do so – not that I ever need any encouragement to write! Mine was called ‘Your Creation‘ and was basically based around the craft of poetry and what it means to me. There were also poems from The Parent Game ‘The Importance of Memories’, One Frazzled Mum ‘Bringing Me Back Home’, Kelly Allen, Writer ‘Freshly Cut Grass’, Lisa’s Life and Cara L McKee with ‘Why Do I Write Poetry?’.

Following on from the subject of why we write poetry or, indeed, any other type of creative writing, Carol at Virtually Allsorts wrote a poem on writing, and why it’s her way to inner peace. Sara at Mum Turned Mom uses a prompt word to produce her beautiful words. Some of us, like Marija Smits, find that it saves the day and others, like Greta Solomon, use it as a way to express their feelings for an item of footwear! My co-editor, Dawn at Rhyming with Wine, is fantastic at finding takes on children’s books and expressing them in her own way – she used one of my favourites for inspiration last month.

March also saw so many of us celebrating Mothers Day, each of us having a reason to remember those ladies who have cared for us in whatever form that may be.  There were mums like Big Trouble in Little Nappies who wrote a celebration from a child’s perspective and then there was Suburban Mum who had to watch over her poorly son in hospital on Mothers Day. Jo at Intrepid Bebe also made sure to remember those mums who had sadly lost their babies in a beautiful poem entitled ‘To My Friend Who Lost Her Baby’.

Being a mum doesn’t come without it’s trials and tribulations and there were three which stood out for me last month. Hannah at Make Do and Push wrote about ‘The Germ Factory AKA Soft Play’ – something which I could highly associate with! Along the same lines, Sarah at Mumzilla offered us the poem ‘A Sneeze is a Weapon of Mass Destruction’. Sam at Mouse and Moo wrote a really lovely poem called ‘Treasure’ thanking all the people she paid to care for her children whilst she worked. Of course, there are many ways in which our children make us proud and Mrs Tubbs at Someplace Strange shared an acrostic poem which her daughter wrote for a school competition and won a prize for.

Finally, if poetry isn’t your ‘thing’ then may be satirical writing is. If so, then I would recommend popping over to Turning Up in Devon’s blog – ‘Be a Lover, Not a Haytor’ is one of my recent favourites.

That is it from me for this month. Next month will be the turn of my co-editor, Dawn at Rhyming with Wine. I will then have one more round-up before I take a bit of a break to have my baby. Have a great April!


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About Victoria Welton

Victoria is a forty something Mum to Grace and Rex, partner to writer and actor Ross and lives in the beautiful countryside of Somerset. A blogger since 2012, she has been writing poetry and lyrics for years and has been lucky enough to perform two of her songs on stage. You can find her blog at Verily Victoria Vocalises. From there she runs a poetry link ‘Prose For Thought’on the first Thursday of every month. She is also a professional photographer, having started her business on her return from maternity leave.


  1. 06 April 2017 / 14:07

    Thank you for including me in such a lovely round-up xx

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    Thanks so much for including me Vicky.