12 great ideas for family New Years Eve parties

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Pop a balloon every hour (number 10)

Once you become a parent, a New Year’s Eve party is a different game. With children running round, casual food, all kinds of drinks and games galore, New Year’s Eve is a family affair. You don’t have to worry about a designated driver or taxi home, you can relax in the sitting room while the kids build dens, watch a movie, play games or even snuggle down for a sleep while the revelry continues. But a bit of planning is essential to make it fun for grown-ups and youngsters.

We got inspired on Pinterest, creating a special board with loads of great ideas for making your New Years party with children and teens loads of fun. Here, 12 of our favourite pins, curated on our New Years Eve Party Ideas board.


1. Mix-up mocktails for kids, teens and teetotalers

These mocktails make for festive drinks to toast in the new year, featured on @JPHowze’s New Years Eve Party Ideas board. We especially love all the different colours, the use of hard candy as a swizzle stick and the ability for the entire family to toast together.


New Years Eve Mocktails for kids - BritMums


2. Give your party glitz & glamour on a budget

Preparing for a party should be as much fun as the event itself. We love that these frugal decorating ideas don’t cost much but still make your event festive. Whether it’s using glitter to  glam up some bottles or using spray paint to create a centrepiece, these craft-y solutions — featured on @JPHowze’s New Years Eve Party Ideas board — let everyone get involved in setting the scene. 


100 best DIY New Years Eve party ideas

We love these 100+ ideas for a jazzy NYE, all affordable. They make creating and planning as much fun as the party itself


 3. Play family-friendly party games with household objects

The kids will love getting silly and playing games as a family. With these games from Happiness is Homemade, there’s no need to buy special kits or equipment.

family friendly New Years Eve party games - BritMums

These party games use household items like bottles and plastic cups as for unforgettable fun


4. Do New Year’s Eve marshmallow bingo

You can print your own NYE bingo cards in minutes from Campfire Marshmallows and the marshmallow playing pieces make it even more fun. Prizes can be small items, the sillier the better!


Marshmallow bingo on BritMums


5. Make things a fun and funky with kid-friendly twists

These 20 festive and easy party ideas from Stylecaster include kid-friendly touches: try a DIY family photo booth, tack up a piece of paper (or a white board) where grown-ups and kids can write their hopes for 2019, and definitely put out these adorable sprinkle-topped glasses of milk.

milk glasses topped with sprinkles - BritMums

What a great way to cheers!


6. Decorate cookies as part of the fun

Get the cookies baked, lay out the supplies and prepare for creative fun, with great tips from Delish! You can use buttercream or icing with sprinkles, candy decorations and more. Have some old t-shirts or smocks for artists to use while they create and lay down paper or oilcloth so it’s ok if they go a little Jackson Pollack.


how to decorate sugar cookies - BritMums

Make cookie decorating part of the party fun


7. Play John Humphries and ask the kids interview questions

Let them tell you more about themselves with this list of interview questions. We love that EmmyMom, who suggests this activity, keeps track of their answers every year, providing a great snapshot to how her children are changing over time.


interview party questions for kids


8. Mix up glittery playdough

This make-at-home recipe gives the classic modeling dough a sparkly New Year’s Eve makeover. You could even create a little competition — who can roll the longest snake, who can create the best imaginary animal — with prizes for the best sculptors.

glittery playdough recipe - BritMums

9. Whip up an easy family New Year’s Eve menu

You don’t need to have a big bash to enjoy a fun family New Year’s Eve. We love this simple, fun menu — including a pizza bar! — that Canadian Mom Eh recommends.


fruit kabobs on BritMums


10. Celebrate the stroke of midnight with these DIY activities

Create a countdown every hour with a balloon pop (picture at top of article), organise an easy midnight balloon drop, create confetti balloons to pop at 12, put together homemade noisemakers — make the moment magic with tips from One Good Thing’s post. A benefit of celebrating with little ones is that you needn’t wait to midnight to ring in the new year. 

DIY new years eve balloon drop - BritMums

The balloon drop is only one easy idea for your celebration with kids


11. Don’t forget the vegetables

Make carrots, peppers and other crudites more fun with this cute vegetable train, featured by The Inspiration Edit. What better way to kick off the new year than with a portion of your five-a-day?

 vegetable train for kids parties - BritMums

12. Eat less meat & dairy with vegan party food

It’s good for the environment, good for our health and tasty. Start the year off with vegan treats that are crowd-pleasers.

Vegan new years eve snacks - BritMums


How do you celebrate New Year’s Eve as a family? Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration and share your inspiring Pins too!

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