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Healthy Christmas drinks you actually want to have at parties

Healthy Christmas drinks you actually want to have at parties

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This round up is a collection of the healthy Christmas drinks & cocktails you’d actually want to drink at a party if you’re the designated driver or just trying to stay healthy.

As a teetotaller who doesn’t drink full-sugar fizz I’m normally offered diet coke or sparkling water, or even worse (it does happen), tap water!

But just because I choose not to get drunk over the festive season doesn’t mean I don’t like a nice tasty drink and it certainly doesn’t mean I can’t join in all the fun of the party.

In fact quite the contrary, one of the reasons for staying off alcohol is that with being on the bipolar spectrum I’m often found at the centre of any crazy party shenanigans anyway (at least I’m not a teenager anymore too, my poor parents….) and alcohol isn’t a bright idea to add to the mix.

Sugar has been in the headlines a lot recently and for good reason. Too much created blood sugar fluctuations, withdrawal headaches and can result in excess calorie consumption and weight gain. Treats are fine, but over Christmas the amount of sugary drinks and treats consumed is a big reason that in total us Brits are set to gain, wait for it….20 million stone between us over Christmas!

Here’s some tasty, healthy, party-appropriate drinks you’d actually want to be served at a party. All are non-alcoholic, low sugar and calorie, and there’s some advice on drinking less alcohol, why and how to make some simple changes this Christmas without feeling like you’re missing out on the fun.

Virgin Raspberry Mohito from Comfort Bites.

This contributes to one of your five a day but the sparkly pink is definitely party-worthy. Frozen berries are cheaper in Winter while they’re out of season.

raspberry drink

Why Alcohol puts a halt on fat burning

Trying to lose weight? Alcohol puts a stop to that and slows down the rate at which your body burns fat stores. Here’s why you might want to cut back if you’re trying to lose weight:

Can you drink alcohol on a diet?

On the other hand if you enjoy a drink (or few) is it possible to drink alcohol and still lose weight? Yes! I made a video to show you how:

Ginger Shrub Vinegar Water

Indigestion after too many goose-fat roast potatoes? Both ginger and vinegar are effective digestive aids. If the ingredients look out of your comfort zone then rest assured the ginger and honey completely override any thoughts you might have of tasting chip shop vinegar, since apple cider vinegar has a completely unique and pleasant taste.

ginger drink

Cranberry ‘cider’ Punch, a Shirly Temple and more virgin cocktail ideas.

Welsh Mum Christy gives us some ideas, plus there’s an indulgent chocolate peppermint hot chocolate recipe too!

3 Festive Flavoured Non-alcoholic Cocktails

With flavours such as mulled cranberry, apple & ginger, and lime, mint & cucumber you’re definitely not missing out on Christmas treats from Jacqueline at Recipes Made Easy.

Blackberry and Lime Chamomile Iced Tea

Iced tea and sun loungers go well together, but so it does with Christmas too, apparently!


blackberry tea

Vimto Mulled Wine

I never thought I’d be recommending Vimto but since I don’t like ‘real’ mulled wine this looks yummy actually! One to introduce the kids to? Use the sugar free version to make it more tooth (and waistline) friendly.

Vimto drink

Slim Wines Review – is diet wine worth it?

Ok these do have alcohol in them, but with 0g carbs or sugar they’re lower calorie than regular wine, and Mum blogger Sim from Sims Life definitely approved. I doesn’t give you a reason to drink 3 bottles in one night but as an easy swap, as Tesco who sells them says, every little helps!

Sunrise Mocktail

I would argue this is definitely not just for kids (though it would easily appeal to them if you’re at a child friendly party). Definitely use sugar free lemonade to keep the sugar lower I this awesome looking drink from Eats Amazing.


sunrise drink

Two of the Best Mocktails

With grown up ingredients like star anise and rose syrup, never again will you feel like an overgrown child with your glass of fizzy pop.

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jacqui Bellefontaine

Wednesday 28th of November 2018

I do love a tipple but also interesting non alcohloic drinks and there are lots of lovely drinks to choose from here. Great round up thank you.

Pollyanna Hale

Wednesday 28th of November 2018

Thanks Jacqui, as a teetotaller I'm always on the lookout for nice drinks!

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