11 things your family will love about Microsoft 365 Family #ad


Family life can be hectic. Now we’ve discovered Microsoft 365 Family – it combines the Office software we rely on along with a load of other cool features to make managing family life – online and off – easier than ever.

The folks at Microsoft asked us to play around and share the things we like most for our families. We discovered supercool AI features, templates for everything from budgets to invitations, premium design features and something that will remind our partner what to pick up at the grocery store. Microsoft 365 Family is available for up to 6 connected family members for only £79.99 per year or £7.99 per month. 

Check out the 11 things we love most about this affordable software package. This post is sponsored by Microsoft.


1. The ability to juggle family schedules

Families are busy – with drop-offs, appointments, meetings, outings with the kids, and more. With Microsoft 365 Family, you can sync all the family calendars and easily view them, so you know where the kids need to be, when you’re available and what’s going on. It makes organising your family life seamless!


2. Latest premium Office apps for the whole family

You can link up to 6 family members with your Microsoft 365 Family account and everyone on the account can download and use Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and Publisher. That means your work, the family budget, the children’s homework, email management and creative play are available for everyone on their devices under the same license!


3. The Manga comic template in PowerPoint

OK perhaps it’s the geek in us, but we love this feature! This cool downloadable template lets kids create their own comic with characters to crop, flip and combine into scenes with a range of layouts, with speech bubbles to edit and a range of character poses. Challenge your kids to create a story and watch them get creative!


4. Safety first with Microsoft Family Safety App

With this app you can control screentime across Windows, Xbox and Android apps and games, turn on content filters, set age limits for inappropriate apps and games, turn on location awareness and get a summary of your children’s digital activity.


5. PowerPoint super content

There’s so much here to help use PowerPoint and do better presentations. Of course, these are great for the grown-ups preparing for meetings, but they can also be used as a more active tool to help kids organise their thoughts and prepare for reports or oral presentations at school.

With the Presenter Coach, they can actually practice aloud. The Coach detects when you are simply reading off the slide and also evaluates pacing, pitch, use of filler words and even culturally sensitive terms. It also has two new AI-powered features exclusively for Microsoft 365 subscribers — monotone pitch and speech refinement. Altogether it provides a sure way to build confidence and lets kids practice in a fun easy way. There’s premium content for presentations including thousands of images, hundreds of fonts, 175 looping videos and more! Besides the business uses, these can be a creative way for children to make little ‘booklets’ or presentations on subjects that interest them.


6. Templates for invitations, photo books, calendars and recipes

At busy times there’s nothing better than a shortcut. With Microsoft 365, you have a wealth of templates to make designing and organising projects easier and put good design at your fingertips. In addition to the ones listed above, you can design, format, save and print a variety of fun and helpful documents: easy thank you cards, cute note cards, certificates of achievement, posters…plus fun stuff for grown-ups like budget templates for household and weddings, bill paying checklists and allowance trackers.


7. Advanced security features

Malware and phishing attacks are becoming more sophisticated all the time, which means it’s important to be aware of and vigilant to them. Microsoft365 features advanced security features to protect you and your family from malware and phishing.

For your cloud storage, OneDrive has ransomware detection and recovery – guarding against attacks in which a hacker takes control of your files and demands money to return them. (Egads!) Since ransomware attacks can happen silently in the background, you can have a problem before you’re even aware. When Microsoft365 detects one, it notifies you and guides you through the steps of cleaning all your devices and restoring your files.


8. 1 TB of cloud storage per family member

Each of your 6 connected family accounts gets 1 TB of OneCloud storage – in the age of smartphone pictures and videos, downloadable movies and games, and document sharing, this is space that not only keeps family life humming but keeps family memories safe. Want to know how much space that is? Approximately 250,000 photos, 250 films or 6.5 million document pages – so plenty of space for homework, movie night, family holiday snaps and much more!


9. Future upgrades and digital safety included!

One of the best things about Microsoft365 Family is that future upgrades to software are included. Microsoft is constantly reviewing and upgrading features, making software easier to use, faster, more intuitive and in tune to what we need now. Without it, you not only operate with old and outdated software, you can be more vulnerable to security breaches. This saves you the trouble of looking out for upgrades and buying them separately. Plus all members of your Microsoft365 family are upgraded as well.


10. Tech support

Things fall apart, typically right before a big presentation, important homework assignment or, well, you know. Rather than struggling through it or endlessly searching the web for fixes, you actually have tech support. Yes – someone on the other end of a chat or phone call who can help sort out issues. We know from experience how helpful these folks are, and that they will make sure your issue is resolved. They have even called us back a week later to ensure everything was still running smoothly. We love this, and so does our one friend who we used to pester to sort out our tech problems.


11. An app to bring all things together

In the Teams mobile app (a feature scheduled to launch later this year) you can video chat, edit calendars, access cloud storage and – we think best of all – assign tasks to people. These sync across the family’s devices so the minute you add ‘pick up milk’ to the grocery list, your partner will get it too. Just saying.


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Get Microsoft 365 Family now and start enjoying the benefits with the whole family! Only £79.99 per year or £7.99 per month.

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  1. 17 August 2020 / 15:29

    I love the creative element — creating invitations, calendars and comics — next to the practical features, especially around safety and gaming. Plus, an easy way to coordinate calendars? I’m in!