10 pics to make you want to visit Menorca

Menorca map imageI was a Menorca newbie when I was invited to visit the island with 50 other bloggers, YouTubers and Instagrammers as a guest of Visit Spain. It’s a Balearic island, the weather would be warm and I’d be with a bunch of cool social influencers. Of course I was excited.

It wasn’t til after I got there and started discovering this island, little sister to Ibiza and Mallorca, that I began to realise not only how lovely and distinct Menorca’s personality is, but just how much it is an island that suits families.

Striking, dramatic and beautiful, it holds loads of appeal for families with kids ranging from toddlers to teens. On my family travel blog Jenography I wrote about 11 reasons to visit Menorca with kids. As I explored the island with this group of influencers, I also saw some stunning sights. Feast your eyes on the delights of this little island, get ideas for your itinerary from my Jenography post, then look at your diary to book your next family holiday there!

All images by Jenography.net.


girl with bunches by port in Menorca

The port of Mahon, lined with cafes, is a picturesque spot, where beautiful boats moor in the clear water. We took a boat from here over to Quarantine Island, where immigrants who were ill or thought to be ill were held.


Cova d'en Xoroi bar in Menorca

Cova d’en Xoroi bar is literally carved out of a mountain, perched above the sea. Guess what: The views are spectacular and the afternoons are great with under-18s. I took this picture from one of several outcropping furnished with seating and a bar, looking back on the main bar and terrace. Breathtaking and unusual.


lighthouse in Menorca

The Favaritx lighthouse couldn’t be more striking with its barber’s pole stripes and craggy terrain for exploring (with sturdy shoes!)


Mahon seafront in Menorca

This picture-perfect seafront was right by the Barcelo Hamilton hotel. Follow those stone steps to the promenade by the water and you come across a little cafe. The day we were there, a man was pulling sea urchins out of the ocean, to be prepared that day for diners. Yum.


mussels in bowl in Menorca

It would be a crime to go to Menorca and not have some of the fantastic seafood. Personally I love mussels. These ones had the perfect texture and taste.


Pomado in Menorca

The Pomada is a must-drink cocktail on the island, made with Menorca gin and lemonade — refreshing, delicious with just the right amount of kick.


view from quarantine island, Menorca

Who doesn’t love a sunset on the glassy waters of the Med? I took this shot as we waited on Quarantine Island to head back to the Menorcan “mainland”. I’d love to go and spend an entire holiday sailing, enjoying views like this every night.


Menorcan cheese


sobrassada in Menorca


One of the best parts of traveling is trying regional foods you can’t get anywhere else. I loved the Menorcan cheese, which can be enjoyed when it’s young and creamy and aged and harder. This local Sobresada was delicious too, although the shape of several of them was…interesting.


Binibequer Vell

The village of Binibequer Vell was a delight to wander round, with tiny alleyways, little grottoes with cascades of fuchsia blossoms, sudden views of the water around a bend and plenty of places to have a drink, an ice cream or a snack. 


These are just a fraction of the delights of this island that is becoming more popular all the time. Get a jump on the crowds and go now!


Jenography was a guest of Visit Spain on a trip organised by Traverse Events. All opinions are my own. 

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