Dad Blogger Round-up: A mixed bag

It’s felt like ages since I last had the opportunity to speak with you lot on this platform, how are you all? I’ve been having a scout around for some great content from all the Dad Bloggers on the scene to share with you. With summer well and truly gone and it being way too early to talk Christmas, I’m going to hit you with a load of random themed quality content from the Dadsphere end of blogging… 

First up, Nigel Higgins – DIY Daddy Blog rocking the boat with a bit of a controversial one. How Important, Or Possible Is It For Dad Bloggers To Win An Award. Nigel talks about feeling like a ‘token dad’ when making a shortlist earlier this year rather than an actual contender. Nigel also dishes out the figures that saw only 2 dads from 60 nominees. 

Its an interesting one, is there possibly a better way to organise blogger awards to make it more of a fair playing field, or are there simply that many mums that are just so much better than the dad bloggers?

Next up, Benny aka Daddy Poppins with his post The Big Bad World Versus My Own Little World. Benny is known for his dad jokes and general humour, but he’s got a serious question to ask us all and it involves changing the world. Now we know there’s multiple life shattering events DAILY around the world. Events that question our views on humanity. Is it OK to sit back and ignore it all?

Stuart from is next with his post Social media parenting: a picture paints 1,000 words, but not all of them are truthful I’m really interested by this topic and have written something similar myself about my teenage daughters. Stuart shares a photo deemed worthy to keep intact his social media image, followed by a more truthful representation of everyday parent life. Stuart’s post has me asking the question, should more people share unfiltered photo’s on social media, or can we all agree not to be fooled into thinking everyone else has their life together and simply enjoy the more positive images online?

Here’s one from Leigh – Dad Geek that I found amusing, especially as his world and mine are very different but I did find a few similarities. We home educate but also have 2 in school so half of Leigh’s points were relevant to me but I’m sure will relate to a lot of you hugely! 5 Ways You Can Tell Your Kids Are Back At School.

I’d love to hear how many from 5 relate to you down in the comments…

AND to finish off I’m keeping it in the BritMums family with Tim – Slouching Towards Thatcham and his post We can’t all be the Taylor Swift of the blogging world. A very good insight into the world of blogging, gauging success and which formula to use. There really is only one way in my opinion you can go into blogging, full force and being yourself. 

There you go, that’ll keep you all quiet for an hour. It would be great if you could let me know what you think to this selection of quality dad blogs in the comments and also go read and leave a comment on each of these posts above. 

If you want more from me then you’ll find me over at and @dadvworld across all the social media platforms. 

See you next time 🙂 



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David, husband of one, dad of three and servant of all four. Also known as DadvWorld, where he blogs and vlogs about his life taking on the world as a dad. David started blogging in early 2016 and then included a YouTube channel shortly after. Living in South Yorkshire with his family, he and his wife Donetta home educate their 3-year-old boy Corben whilst their girls, Kiera, 12 and Abi, 11 attend an expeditionary secondary school which have very different teaching methods to the ‘norm’. David tries to cover the funny and serious sides of parenting, from an imaginary house tour with talking toys, to life changing decisions such as home educating. Oh and there’s also the Pug, Peppa….


  1. 10 October 2017 / 22:30

    Always great to see the dads round-up. We had a mix of home educated and schooled kids until June when my 16 year old left.

    • 11 October 2017 / 15:18

      Thanks! That’s cool, so you’re home educating only now? 🙂