BiB Awards 2015

BiB - Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2015

The BiBs 2016 

#BiBs2016 will launch on 16th March 2016!

The BiBs 2015

BritMums highlights the best of parent lifestyle blogging in our Brilliance in Blogging Awards – the BiBs. It’s an opportunity to recognise the most creative, inventive and compelling blogging of the year! Last year more than 200,000 nominations and votes were cast – making it one of the UK’s most popular blogger awards.

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Here’s how it works:

  • Stage 1: Nominations: Bloggers nominate themselves or others in one (or several) of the 12 BiB categories. Nominations open from 17th March and close on 12th April at midnight.
  • Stage 2: Shortlist: 10 people will be chosen in each category to be included in the shortlist. This list is made up of the 5 with the most nominations, and 5 chosen by BritMums/judges. The shortlist will be announced on 28th April.
  • Stage 3: Voting: The community votes for their favorites on the shortlist from 28th April through midnight 15th May. VOTE HERE.
  • Stage 4: Finalists will be announced on 22nd May. 5 finalists will chosen in each category (2 with the most votes and 3 chosen by BritMums).
  • Stage 5: Winners, chosen by the category judge will be announced on the evening of 19th June 2015 at BritMums Live. Everyone attending BritMums Live is invited. All finalists are invited to attend the BiBs Awards Party and Ceremony, from 18.30 – 21.00. (Sorry, no guests or plus-ones.)

About the awards mechanism

We have a two-tiered judging system — incorporating public votes and a judging panel. In this way, the awards reward those bloggers who, through high-quality blogging, have won a wide audience, while also allowing those with excellent blogs who are beginning to build up their blogs and networks to gain recognition.

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