#BML17: 5 YouTube tips you can use now

BML17 YouTubeDeepDiveAs bloggers we’re increasingly looking for ways to improve our video content and the leaders in their field, YouTube were on hand at #BML17 to give us plenty of ways to do that!  During their deep dive session where they presented to a packed house, they dispensed a multitude of tips that had influencers raving and reaching for their cameras and phones to shoot their next vlog!  BritMums is continuing to work closely with YouTube, and here’s some tips that they created for parent bloggers. 

  1. Discover your authentic style by vlogging frequently so you’re comfortable on camera, taking part in vlog challenges and understanding what is unique to you. Your style will evolve as your channel grows.
  2. Manage your energy by finding the production cycle that works for you.  Watch time should not be at the expense of sustainability – everyone deserves a break!  Creators have found that consistency is valued over productivity.  Finding your vlogging routine is vital to growing and sustaining your audience.
  3. Help to nurture the conversation by taking advantage of YouTube features such as mobile live streaming and poll cards.
  4. Consider using the ‘Hero-Hub-Help’ framework to think about your content strategy:

Hero content:  Big events that drive new audiences to your channel.

Hub content: Regularly scheduled content / formats that makes viewers come back and subscribe.

Help content: Always-on content aimed at viewers questions, search trends and topical events.

5. Ensure your content is optimised for every audience: Is your Hero content accessible for new viewers? Can any of your Hub content be appreciated by a global audience?  Do you think outside the routine for your Help content? 


BML 17 YouTube 610

For more YouTube resources, check out www.youtube.com/creatoracademy


Tell us what’s working for your YouTube channel or your current challenges in the comments section!

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    Wow – some really helpful tips in this post.