Working Parents Round-up: New Beginnings and some cats too

working parents round up blog postsThe start of the school year, or the blessed end of the summer holidays….

However you have felt about the last few weeks, its a new start – a new year, and a time to reflect, and take stock for many. This has certainly been the case in the blogging world, with Lish Concepts making that tough decision to leave her job so that she can be there for her kids at the end of the school day. A personal choice, and one that I also made a few years ago, when I was in the same position as she. This has meant I was able to watch my daughter go into school on her first day at Juniors without having to rush off to my job. A welcome change from her first day in Reception a few years ago.

Grenglish is in the same head space too, she got off the hamster wheel, as she so eloquently put it, so now she can be there for her Zachy when he comes home from school.

My time off the hamster wheel was short-lived though, as I started to work from home. However, I have found that it is strange how sometimes our partners view “home working” in a rather different way? Working from home for the primary caregiver means fitting the work around the kids, and not adjusting what we do TOO much to them being around.

Generally, it means that work is shoe-horned into when they are watching the television!

Little Lilypad puts it perfectly as her man “worked from home” recently, and required complete quiet for his endeavours. As I demonstrated on Stickers, Stars and Smiles this month, trying to get work done while the kids are about can mean you find you have done nothing at all work related by 4pm… *boss gives me telling off – except that’s me*

Running in Heels has written an excellent post about the help that parents, and yes not just mums, need with childcare costs – something which will have crystallised for all of us over the summer as Dads and Mums struggle with managing those six weeks of chaos without having to sell one of the kids to pay for the childcare.

We need open and honest discussions about the whole issue of flexible working. For example, why it seems to be impossible for some partners, whether mums or dads, to get time off to watch a Sports Day without meetings in triplicate with their boss. As for managing over the summer holidays; god help them. Working culture needs to change, and that’s not just down to Mr. Osbourne, is it?

Cupcakes for Clara seemed to manage over the summer though, despite running her own business, judging by the wonderful photos of her kids holiday she posted on her blog… *inadequate face* All I managed was the photo of my daughter in this rather groovy top; and “no” no idea where you can buy one!

I love blogs top

Chez Mummy seems to have enjoyed summer too – and tells us, a.k.a. James Blunt exactly how, in her ode to it.

While some have given up work, and others tried to fit work around kids over the summer; there are others still who are just starting completely new roles. Five’s a Fellowship‘s OH is also starting something big – from a mop and a bucket to something more. We wish Beef lots of luck with his new role, a new beginning for a better life is the hope.

And lastly, a little bit of fun; From Rat Racer to Positive Parent found a way to write your kids name in cats over the summer – now who wouldn’t want to do that? Enjoy!

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Helen is the editor of the working parents round up, a freelance writer and owner of personalised children’s chart business, KiddyCharts. She was a business analyst, and then a tweed-skirted school librarian as she tried to find work that fitted in with the demands of motherhood. Mummy’s Little Stars is where you will find her sometimes funny musings about life as a working parent, and mum to some over exuberant small people. She has only been blogging since January 2012, so go gentle with her; she might break. You can find Helen on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn; where she probably hangs out a bit too much.


  1. 17 September 2013 / 22:37

    Just spotted that you’ve included my ‘ode to summer’ – thanks! It reminds me that I’ve a few more work/life balance posts to ge published 🙂

  2. 21 September 2013 / 23:37

    Hi there, great roundup I’m enjoying reading some blogs I’ve never seen before and really enjoyed Running in Heels’ post, so on point. I would love to be included in your roundup at some point, if its not too rude to ask – I am still on the hamster wheel myself, and have recently started an interview series every Thursday on the blog interviewing fab working mums; so far a literary agent and a beauty entrepreneur and more to come!
    Have a love weekend
    Zaz x