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mbpwWhat happened to the sunshine?

What happened to all the open windows and drying laundry on the washing line?

I guess summer is over now which is a shame as I would have loved an Indian summer to draw it out a little longer, you can’t have everything I suppose but there is one thing I have enjoyed this week and that is television drama.

I love a good detective story, a gruesome murder to solve or anything that keeps me gripped to the screen and whilst over the summer there’s nothing much going on, come Autumn time and I’ve been watching The Guilty, Whitechapel and if only they’d bring back Spooks. How good was Rupert in Spooks?

This week has also been about comfort food in my house and I am very proud of the outcome of my Beef and Stilton pie, these two flavours explode in the mouth and I would suggest you keep my Plum and almond cake for another time as there won’t be any room for it after the pie.

That brings me to mention the #GBBO and pray do tell – is your bottom soggy?

Have you been practising your tarts? Mummy Mishaps and The Crazy Kitchen have set up a really fun Linky The Great Bloggers Bake Off where we all watch the show and then set to baking something from the current week’s show, hence the pie mentioned above, so if you like to dabble in the kitchen join us.

Which was your best post of the week? Link up with us below and if you have time visit a couple too. Have a great weekend everyone


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