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Working Mums Round-up: When maternity leave is over

Working Mums Round-up: When maternity leave is over

A really warm welcome to the first installment of the Britmums Working Mums round-up.

I’m Fi, a working mum of two myself. I work in digital communications three days a week (hello flexible working!) and I also run my blog, A Mum Track Mind, as a business from home so I can certainly relate to the struggles, wins and woes of life as a working mum. 

Whichever way you cut your career and for whatever reasons you may choose or need to work, I know that working mums need grit, a modicum of insanity and a helluva lot of organisation to keep those plates spinning and the wheels turning. 

This round-up will come to you monthly with the pick of my favourite working mums posts from the blogging community dealing with the emotional complexities, challenges and hopefully wins that being a working parent can bring. 

Having not long returned from my second maternity leave, I have been struggling with the transition a little more than expected. I have definitely questioned whether the return to the office has been the right choice for me at this point in my life and I know that many of you have been battling the same demons. This post from Devon Mama made me weep with relief, knowing that I wasn’t alone in these thoughts. She shares her slightly raw, internal monologue where she questions if she was making the right choice in returning to work. I know so many working mums will relate to this. I certainly do.

Honestly, some days it can feel like just one long, rat race and often looking around it feels like I am the only mother who has to work. I know with my head that’s not the case but it’s hard to stay at your desk when that feeling takes over. This is something that Mummascribbles also wrote about this month. Following on from a lunch break walk where she witnessed so many parents out and about in the Spring sunshine with their little ones, she wrote a post that really struck a chord with me – When sunshine makes you sad. I know for sure that this post is going to resonate heavily with a lot of you.

I think one thing you will all nod along to is the necessity of being organised. The holy grail mantra of working mums is getting things organised the night before (and dry shampoo but that’s another subject). We all know that we need to be organised to avoid the Monday morning meltdown but how many of us actually follow through with those well-laid plans? This post from Confessions of a Working Mum provided a bit of light relief and made me hoot with laughter because I find myself in this predicament a lot.

So what does a day as working mum actually look like? For those of you who are wondering about making the return to work, this post from one of my favourite bloggers, Bridie by the Sea shows just exactly how busy and tiring it can really be but that it is also totally achievable with the right support system in place. 

As for me? Well, you can find out how I’ve been getting on three months after returning to the office. It doesn’t make for much of a cheery read right now to be honest and so I was incredibly relieved to read Mrs Lighty’s version of events from further down the line with her post A year on from maternity leave. To know that things improve, that the daily juggle can and probably will get easier is incredibly comforting isn’t it?

I hope that you love these posts as much as I have and that they will resonate with your own experience of being a working mum as they did for me. 

If you write about the experience of being a working mum and would like to be considered for the next round-up, don’t hesitate to drop me a link on Twitter @amumtrackmind or via email [email protected].

Until next time, I hope all you working mums have a happy, healthy and productive month.

About Fi Newsam

Fi is an over caffeinated, under-rested working Mum of two. With a career in digital communications and an award-winning blog - A Mum Track Mind, she shares an honest account of parenthood with both ovaries and ambition. With style, warmth and a candid, no-nonsense approach, Fi takes her readers through all aspects of being a working Mum, finding the elusive ‘balance’ and the practicalities of juggling work and family life. Find her at or on social media as @amumtrackmind