Where do you store your family images? #MyCloudHome #ad

Remember the days when you visited your grandparents and spent hours poring over their photo albums, packed full of grainy prints of your parents in days gone by.

Family Photo

Back then you had 24 or maybe 36 pictures on a roll, all requiring developing and a shiny new album in which to display them.

Now our phones have cameras that produce clear images, and digital cameras allow us to take as many pictures as we like, that is, until the memory card fills up. This has created problems of its own.

Where do you store all your digital images?

Are you guilty of hoarding thousands of photos on your phone/laptop/tablet/memory cards but never quite get round to sorting, editing and compiling albums, let alone sharing them with family.

On our #MyCloudHome Twitter chat, sponsored by Western Digital, we talked about challenges and solutions to storing and viewing your digital photos, as well as how to reclaim your family photo album.

Where are your pictures stored (and how many)?

Mmmm none on my PC (purely because I can’t work out how to do it 🙄. Between my iPad & phone probably nearing 1,000. Most of them are sitting on memory cards @AngeP1969

We are the same! Precious baby photos on memory cards, floating around! 😩 it makes me feel so stressed thinking about it! @lauislucky

My biggest problem with my photos has been having them stored all over the place. There are photos on my phone, SD Cards & computer @Zenas_Suitcase

Must be at least a thousand, the problem being they are spread over half a dozen hard drives removed from old laptops as well as several older mobiles as well as current gadgets @spanglisher

We have several memory sticks and old phones that have thousands more on that never see the light of day anymore. @charleyboy1985

I’ve got memory cards all over the place. And no idea what’s on them! Such a pain when you’re trying to find something @missielizzieb

I’ve just looked at my phone I’ve got 13,458 @Twinklediaries

I have 80k photos and videos! @AModernMother

Well, let’s just say I get told by Mr Apple on a daily basis that my cloud storage is full @Chelseamamma

I get so frustrated having to scroll back through 1000s of pics on my phone looking for specific ones…arrgggh need to be more organised! @lizzieprice1983

I have a couple of really treasured photos that have been affected by lights @_TheMumDiaries


How are you reclaiming your photo album?

We have been scanning old prints into the computer and then moving them into the hard drive – it’s slow going but will be worth it @Chelseamamma

I am a huge fan of photos and am very sentimental about them, they instantly transport me back through time usually with a silly smile on my face @MummyMatters

We look at photos really regularly! The kids love looking at pics of themselves — but they tend to be ones on my blog or Facebook — the very old pictures are hidden on a drive sadly! @Twinklediaries

My children are almost as obsessed with our photographs as I am. We make it family time @MummyMatters

My boys love looking at photos of when they were babies! They can spend hours watching old videos @Sofibaynham

We print photobooks of holidays — and also for each year of the twins’ lives. But there are 1000s that never see the light of day — it’s so sad! It would be amazing to have them more easily accessible @Twinklediaries

I make a family summer photo book each year so that my son can see all the things we do over the six weeks. Great to look back and remember @Soupdragon44


Quite regularly at the moment although it has to be with my supervision as they’re using my hardware. A centralised system would allow them to browse by themselves from their laptops … I love this about it @BlueBearWood

After each holiday/event I’d make a folder and transfer all the photos in.

  It’s so much easier to find stuff with even only half a system in place 🙄 Just haven’t been able to find the time/inclination to set it all up again on the new PC.@AngeP1969


The benefits of My Cloud Home

With My Cloud Home each member of the family can have their own section fir pictures, videos, even music. There’s also a Family folder that everyone can see.

I love tech but I also like it to be simple to use and set up! @VickyDoo

I love the privacy of being able to share photos with family without the need of uploading to social media @Sofibaynham

I found all the pictures of me as a child recently, my daughters found the photos really funny to look at @EssexKate


Love 💕 the fact that it can be accessed on the go using your mobile. Gone are the days of sitting at home with a projector while dad fed in slides! @MaryHeald1

It’s a fab feature for sharing with grandparents especially. My parents are always away and love being able to access recent photos by our family album @fivelittledoves

The amount of apps that allow you to send postcards or birthday cards with uploads of pictures is ever increasing. Im constantly using the same photos so having the potential to increase the amount of photos that i can use will be great. @CharleyBoy1985

Central organisation is becoming increasingly important now as all three of my girls now take photo’s. It would be lovely to have everyones photo’s of a holiday in one place rather than on everyones individual laptop @BlueBearWood

I am that sad that I worked out that my 2TB My Cloud Home will hold 2 million photo’s – obvs that will reduce with videos @chelseamamma

Wow that is what I need to solve my problems! @MummyvsWork

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