What’s your blog monetisation strategy?

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Claire Bullerwell has been looking into the best ways of making money from blogs and has written a very useful book, here she shares her top four points to consider

Most of us are aware of at least a few ways to monetise our blogs such as Google Adsense, selling other people’s products for a commission (affiliate marketing), selling your ebook and selling ad space are amongst the most common ways to make money from a blog.

But it’s no use slapping up some ads or putting an affiliate product banner in your sidebar and then expect to make a monthly income.  You need sit down and plan your monetisation strategy from the start.

A good money plan for your blog will include the following four points:


1) What’s your blogs’ most wanted response (MWR)?  

By this I mean once you get visitors to your blog, what do you want them to do?  Really think about this as your MWR is a very important part of your blog’s overall success.

Do you want to:

  • Build a community?
  • Build an email list?
  • Sell your ebook?
  • Sell ad space?
  • Make money from Google Adsense?

You can see that on my Home Working Woman blog, my MWR (at the moment) is to grow an email list (another great way to monetise a blog) and I would say that the MWR of this site is to sell her ebooks www.primary-education-oasis.com and I would say that this lady’s MWR is to make money from Google Adsense www.rose-gardening-made-easy.com

See the different MWR money strategies on each of the above three sites?  You need to figure out what your MWR is and start directing your visitors towards it.

2) Your design & layout

Once you have identified your MWR you need to adapt the design and layout of your blog to direct visitors to your MWR.

Suggestions for layout:

  • Have a professional looking design and layout with colours that reflect and compliment your niche;
  • Avoid clutter and opt for a clean look and feel;
  • Have a ‘Popular Posts’ widget in your sidebar which show-cases your money pages (review pages for affiliate products for example;)
  • Have navigation links in your sidebar and the top of your blog;
  • Have in-context links within your blog posts to your money pages;
  • Have your email opt-in form in your sidebar and at the bottom of blog posts (you can get a WordPress plugin for this).


Always keep tweaking and experimenting with your design, layout and internal links, it really does help or hinder your profit.

3) Number of blog visitors

You must understand that the amount of money you make from your blog has a direct correlation to the amount of monthly visitors it has.  You need a lot of traffic to your blog to start earning a consistent monthly income from it.

How many visitors?  I would say you need at least 1,000 daily visitors to start earning a consistent £50-£500 a month.  Obviously this is just a rough guestimate as there are a lot of factors to take into consideration such as your blog layout, where your visitors come from and what you’re selling on your blog.

To get free targeted traffic from Google you need to SEO your blog and all your blog posts.  Then you should have a traffic generation plan in place to work towards getting you to the 1,000 daily visitors a day mark.  For example, this could be writing guest posts, using Facebook and writing and submitting articles.

4) Multiple streams of income

Even though you have identified your MWR which should be the focal point of your blog campaign, it’s important to create more than one way to make money because you never know if one will fall flat.

The best approach to monetising your blog is to choose three methods which you feel would benefit both your blog and your visitors.  Test these out and if one isn’t performing well then ditch it and add another.  Keep doing this until you have at least three winning formulas.


The above four points are a great starting point when designing your own monetisation strategy. If you’re serious about making an income from your blog, then start on your own money plan today.

claire bullerwellClaire Bullerwell is a mum of two young boys and has been an Internet Marketer since 1997.   The above article is taken from information inside of Claire’s ‘Mom Bloggers Guide To Monetization’ book which can be found here www.KindleBooksForWomen.co.uk

For more help on making money from your blog, head over to the Mom Bloggers Corner at www.MomBloggingHelp.com

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  1. 29 December 2013 / 02:56

    Thanks for this article, it was very useful indeed, i think apart from the traffic, the page rank also is important and of course, relevant traffic.

    Also very helpful is your “momblogginghelp””.

  2. 13 January 2014 / 21:34

    I don’t have a strategy and to be honest haven’t thought about it… but you’ve given me something to think about. So thank you