What you’ll need to bring for #BML16

#BML16 Top tips badgeClare Nicholas, our Blogging Tips Round-up Editor has some special tips for anyone attending #BML16. If you are unsure about what to bring, wear or do, read on!

You’ve got your ticket, you’ve booked your hotel or train ticket, in many cases both and you’ve by now most likely decided on what you’ll be wearing for the big event. Let’s face it you’ve possibly like me been waiting all year after buying your ticket the moment they went on sale.

But now the day is approaching fast you may be wondering what you need to take with you for the day.  Well as this is my 4th BritMums I’m here to help.  In no particular order:


  • Business cards.  
    There will be a lot of brands in attendance and of course other bloggers who will want to keep in touch and with the sheer number of bodies in a room you may not want to scribble down your details 30/50 odd times, your time could be spent getting to know that blogger you’ve tweeted daily for the past year and never met or smooching with the sponsors – honestly they don’t bite so do say hello, that’s why they are there after all.
  • Sensible shoes.
    Of course there is no dress code and you really should wear something you feel comfortable in but that’s entirely up to you, if that new dress makes you feel confident then wear it. I do advise making sure your shoes are comfy though, by that it doesn’t necessarily mean flats but wearing a brand new pair of killer heels when you’ll be on your feet loads during the day may be a little unwise.
  • A bag in a bag.
    You’ll possibly have a handbag ladies and men may have a holdall/bag of some description but will it be big enough?  Each sponsor/brand will have a beautifully decorated stand for you to visit and with that visit you may depending on the brand and your interest in working with them come away with a few samples,  review items or even giveaway prizes and you won’t want to carry them in your arms all day. Pop an extra folded up bag or two into your bag and you will have your arms free for all the cupcakes, coffee and dare I say wine!
  • A list of people you want to see.
    It may seem very back to school but it will be a busy day and you will have an idea of those you chat with and want to meet up with, you don’t want to get home look at Twitter and curse that you didn’t manage to meet up with X,Y and Z.  If by after lunch you’ve not bumped into them tweet them or send a Facebook message and arrange somewhere to chat. 
  • Phone charger or spare battery/power-pack.  
    These are my essentials for any blog event/conference. As bloggers we spend A LOT of time on social media. You’ll be tweeting, updating FB and Instagramming photos of your day. During sessions instead of writing notes from the screens you can photograph them so you don’t miss anything off. This will drain your battery and you will want some left for the keynotes and award ceremony.  Never fear though BritMums know this and have a charging station set up at the back of room 1!
  • A suitcase.
    Even if you aren’t staying the night. You can check it into the Brewery cloakroom and it makes taking all your items (brand goodies,  prizes and of course your goodie bags) home again that much easier than juggling bags on the tube.

Now all that remains to say is remember to have fun and of course come and find me to say Hi (I’d tell you what I’m wearing to make it easier but in typical Clare style I’ve not got a clue… but this post may help if you are worrying about what to wear).

Catch up with Clare at her website Emmy’s Mummy. To reserve your place at this year’s BritMums Live, grab one of the last few tickets available!


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