How to use My Cloud Home for your family memories #ad

Family pics collage

Some of the images we rediscovered while using My Cloud Home

These days we take more pictures and videos of family life than ever, but ironically share, view, print and experience them as a family less and less. The memories sit unviewed and practically forgotten on our phones, tablets, computers or camera memory sticks by the hundreds or even thousands. Our personal tally, last we looked, topped 36,000!

The solution to managing family images and videos

My Cloud Home device

We like the sleek look of it — good enough to keep on a bookshelf

So how do we manage our images and video? We want them easy to store and view without having them overtake our computers. That’s why we were delighted to discover My Cloud Home. (BritMums is working with My Cloud Home on a paid sponsored project.) It’s an easy-to-use storage device about the size of a book that can hold a huge amount of photos, videos, music and files. It comes in sizes from 2 terabytes to 8 terabytes.

How much space do you need? The internet tells us that the average image size is 500K but we know from experience that pictures and videos can be MUCH larger (one of our videos alone is more than 100MB!). Video consumes a huge amount of storage and with our smartphones in our pockets, we just keep shooting more. You don’t want to curtail capturing once-in-a-lifetime memories because you’re worried where you’ll put them, so the bigger, the better.

So easy to set up

Of course one of the issues with a lot of technology is that while it’s great once it’s up and running, to get it that way you practically have to hire an engineer. “I’ll do it when I get home,” my husband said when I told him My Cloud Home had arrived. “Don’t worry, I’ve already done it,” I responded. Can I tell you how delicious that was?

The My Cloud Home plugs directly into your existing wifi router. Set-up is ridiculously simple.

  1. Plug in the Ethernet cable in the back of the unit
  2. Plug the other end of the cable into the router.
  3. Plug in the My Cloud Home to an electrical socket
  4. The blue light will glow steady. Then you go on your computer or phone and create an account. It will find your My Cloud Home or, if it doesn’t happen automatically, there’s a code on the Quickstart Guide to help

Then you’re off and running, choosing your settings and starting your uploads. OK, I confess that the first time, my computer didn’t find mine straight away — I’d plugged it into the wrong socket on the router. Whoops. I ran downstairs, plugged it in to the next socket along and voila!

This video shows just how easy it is.



Quick upload and easy access

I set up the images and video from my iPhone Camera Roll to automatically upload, so I always have a backup of those. You can also drag-and-drop using the web app, or use the USB port to upload from other devices. You can also attach a separate USB hard drive, flash drive, or card reader to grab the content from your camera card (see the list of supported USB devices here). And here is something very exciting: you can import content from your social media accounts like Facebook, Google Drive and Dropbox!

Plus, it’s not just via computer that we can access our files. There’s an app for auto-backup from phones plus you can view content as well, including streaming videos on the go.

My Cloud Home device on shelf normal crop

Cool features for sharing

One of the best bits of My Cloud Home is sharing.

Each family member can have his or her own folder. You invite others to create their own folders and sharing personal folders is incredibly easy: You go to the desktop app, right click to get a sharing link and send it to your fellow My Cloud Home’ers via email or the messaging app of your choice. (Here’s a description of the process.)

I love the idea of my daughter having her own area for pictures that auto-upload from her smartphone and then being able to see what she’s up to in a non-snoopy way. Others have to get an invitation from you to create their own folders, so you don’t get folders populating willy-nilly.

This is also great for our work, as we have BritMums images and videos we can keep separate, while using the shared Family folder for images for everyone.



So now our images are saved, shared and available. It’s the perfect time to institute a #ScreeningSunday, the modern version of looking through the family photo album. Pulling up oldies but goodies via the My Cloud Home app had my daughter cooing, laughing and urging us to keep scrolling.

“I remember that dress,” she remarked on a blue and white outfit in one picture, embarking on a story about wearing it for a school photo at nursery. 

“Oh no, look at my brother’s hair!” she said, bursting into giggles at a cut he sported in primary school.

#ScreeningSunday has become a regular fixture at our house. You can start your own every week, semi-monthly or whatever suits your schedule. If your family is like ours, you’ll find it prompts memories, stories, opinions — I feel like I get to know my daughter and stepson better every time we do it.

Check out the online user guide

The longer we have My Cloud Home, the more ways we discover how we can get a handle on our digital storage and experience our memories. The online user guide is easy to navigate, with screenshots and step-by-step instructions to see what you can do.

Discover how you organise the digital content for the entire family, see and share pictures and videos, and make the modern family photo album a part of life. 

See My Cloud Home and learn more about how it can help you. My Cloud Home starts at £119.99 for a 2TB device. 

This post is part of a sponsored project with My Cloud Home.

Do you struggle to organise your digital content from holidays, school activities and other family moments? Tell us your biggest challenge for making a modern family photo album.

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