Bumps & Babies Round-up: Newborn advice

I’ll let you in on a secret; I wrote this round-up early as I knew that I’d have a newborn to be dealing with once the publish date rolled around! In fact, shortly after submitting March’s round-up, I discovered that my C-section date needed to be brought forward by two weeks! So, I thought I’d be prepared and not only get this post written, but catch up with some posts involving advice for looking after a newborn.

While frantically rushing around shopping for all those last-minute newborn essentials, it was really useful to read Emily’s post on things you don’t need to buy for a newborn. So many of these things seem like essentials, and yet, Emily is absolutely right – you really don’t need them!

On the other hand, Sarah has written this tongue-in-cheek post about what mums of newborns really do need. As well as making me chuckle, I think she’s hit the nail on the head! If you’re looking for actual products to buy for a newborn, though, then Kate’s post can help with that!

Despite my first daughter being only 21 months old, the early days feel like a distant memory and I know there’s so much I’ve forgotten about! I started by reading Emma-Louise’s post that she wrote just two days after having her third child. So many memories of those early days came flooding back and it made me realise that I need to be prepared for things like postpartum bleeding and remembering that it’s okay to ask others for help!

Suzanne’s post on Ten Things You Absolutely Need to Know About Having a Newborn also rang true, and gave me a reminder of those early days where chocolate and biscuits constitute a meal and how it’s complete nonsense to actually be able to sleep when the baby sleeps! 

I remember when my daughter was born and my friend said to me, “I promise, the first six weeks are tough and then it gets easier.” This is a sentiment that Jess echoes in her post, and I know I’ll have to go back to it during week three or four to remind myself that things do and will get easier!

By the time I write the next round-up I should be coming out the other side of the first six-week period, so I’ll look forward to sharing some more bumps and babies posts with you then! 


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