Twitter party on Tuesday: Share your tips about pocket money

illustration of child with pocket money
Whether your children buy sweeties or Xbox games with their pocket money, it’s a great tool for teaching them valuable lessons about money, saving and spending.

We want to hear how you deal with pocket money in your family, at our #pktmnyparents Twitter party on Tuesday 27 November at 13:00. We’ll be talking about how your children earn money, how you dispense it, and what rules you place around saving and spending.

The party is sponsored by PKTMNY, a new website that was created to help parents control their children’s pocket money, set goals for earning and electronically transfer allowance or earned rewards onto a special card that kids can actually use at the shops. Kids use the site and the soon-to-be-released app to set savings goals, track their spending, manage their tasks or chores for earning, and create a wish list with pictures of the things they’re saving to buy.

Tweet your experiences with the #pktmnyparents hashtag from 13:00 – 14:00 on Tuesday 27 November and you could win your own stash of pocket money. Two people will win £100 cash, and 10 people will win £20 in PKTMNY to add to or start their child’s account and free one-year membership.

Tuesday 27 November
13:00 – 14:00
2 x £100 cash; 10 x £20 paid into a PKTMNY account and free one-year membership.

Come tell us, along with PKTMNY, how you impart valuable financial lessons to your children with pocket money!

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#pktmnyparents Twitter Party Winners

Congrats @janepressltd @utterlyscrummy you’ve won £100! #pktmnyparents Pls DM your email

Congrats @ellen27 @gettogirl09 @crumbsfood @dononemarie @_rachel_s @samairaghs @londonbirdlucy @coxeefoxy @tattooed_mummy @Recipejunkie27 you’ve won £20 in pktmny to start your account! Pls DM your email

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