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Leaving corporate life to start a business is a dream for many parents, but a year ago, two mums Helen and Claire who are also sisters-in-law did just that to start a beautiful new organic childrenswear brand – Lister & Bruce.

This innovative startup sells pyjamas that encourage a toddlers’ independence, with their unique ‘clever cuffs’ concept.

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BritMums writer Katie Davis tried out the pyjamas and here’s what she thought!

As a single mum and daughter, we’re often in each others pockets and like any pair who spend a lot of time with just each other, we can get on each other’s nerves. However, one of our favourite times together is the wind down at the end of the day. It begins with half an hour of watching a favourite program, squeezed into the same arm chair. This is followed by a yummy (if I do so say myself) dinner which one or both of us often ends up wearing.

We then of course head into the bath for bubble adventures with the innocent princess being bubble blasted by the evil Queen mother, before brushing our hair and pulling on bedtime wear before a story to send the little one and often mummy off to sleep. It’s not always that idyllic and we do often have to mix up our routine due to timings but that’s the general gist. 

When getting her ready for bed each night, I always notice how soft her young skin is and want it to feel looked after and for her to feel cosy, safe and warm when she climbs into bed. It might seem silly, but that’s why I care quite a lot about what I put on her for bed. 

MyJamas is the beautiful pyjama range from Lister and Bruce. They are 100% organic cotton and are honestly as soft as my daughter’s own skin. Each design is Unisex with a featured on the front of the top, a pattern throughout and then colour co-ordinated cuffs on both the wrists and the ankles. The clever part here is that it is the right wrist that is co-ordinated with the right ankle and likewise in a different colour `on the left hand side. These MyJamas are designed this way to encourage children to dress themselves and get things on the right way round!

pyjama reviewPhoto credit: Katie Davis. Rain Cloud Pyjamas.

We chose the beautiful Rain Cloud Pyjamas because we sometimes like to run through the rain, jump in puddles and of course as Lister and Bruce themselves say, you cannot have a rainbow without rain. We slipped them on over my little one’s freshly bathed self and the first thing she said was, “Oooo nice. Soft and cosy.” She then proceeded to run around the room pretending to be a rain cloud before being convinced to climb into bed.

Beautiful designs and soft to the touch, these pyjamas are perfect for little ones who need a good night’s sleep. 

(The BritMums reviewer was provided the product free to test and review. All opinions are the reviewer’s own.)

Find Lister & Bruce on Instagram.

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