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travelThis month some very helpful bloggers have shared their top travel tips. There’s some extremely useful advice in these posts, and I’ve enjoyed reading all of them. The post which I’d like to share from my own blog this month is my family holiday planning checklist, which shows how to plan a trip independently.

Thank you to everyone who contributed.


Can Families Really Save Money Flying?

Before even thinking about booking a flight, be sure to read this excellent post. In it Keri  (Our Globetrotters) shares detailed, practical advice on how to get the best flight deals, even if you’re restricted by school holiday dates. I’m definitely bookmarking this post for future reference.

Financing a baby gap year

This is a really interesting post. Karen Edwards (Travel Mad Mum) explains how she and her partner managed to budget in order to spend a year travelling with their baby. Karen is very honest about the choices that they made in order to do this and about how tricky it may be to do again.

10 tips for cutting the cost of a winter city break

In this post Natalie Ray (Plutonium Sox Blog) shares her advice on ways to make a winter city break more affordable. There are many useful tips here.


Packing tips for life on the go with kids

Lisa (Travel Loving Family) is frequently out and about exploring with her family, and here she explains how they prepare for all eventualities and which pieces of kit they take along with them. It sounds like Lisa and her family are ready for anything!

5 Packing Tips for a Baby Road Trip

If you’re planning a road trip with a baby, check out this post by Nicola Hatch (All Things Spliced). Nicola shares her advice on what you need to take, based on her experience.


Sarah Christie (Extraordinary Chaos) explains how she always has a bag packed for travel, and shares her tips for being travel-ready.

The journey


Ting Dalton (My Travel Monkey) shares her detailed tips and advice on flying with a baby. Ting covers everything from flight times to packing to entertainment in this thorough and helpful post.

10 + things to pack for a long haul flight with children

Jennifer Jain (Jennifer’s Little World) shares her list of what to take into the cabin when you’re on a long flight with young kids in tow. I agree with everything on the list – especially plastic carrier bags, just in case.

5 tips for a civilised road trip with toddlers

Claire Hall (Tin Box Traveller) and her family are often to be found touring with their caravan. Claire is now a family road trip expert, and here she shares her top tips for long car journeys with young children.

Flying with a baby

Carrie Bradley (Flying with a baby) shared with me her top travel hack for parents of little ones. She says: ‘If you are bringing a stroller or car seat, use a stroller bag to not only help protect it, but to add some extra items for free. Nappies are always a good idea!’


Twelve tips for travelling India with kids

Jenny (Travelynn Family) and her partner and young children currently live in India, and this post is packed with practical tips and advice on exploring this country with children.


Hiking with Kids – Top 12 Tips!

If you have family members who are reluctant to get outside and have a family adventure, then this post could help. Emma (Bavarian Sojourn) shares practical advice on encouraging kids to take part in family hikes – and her tips could apply to many other outdoor activities.

Next month

The topic for the January travel round-up is 2017 highlights, so please do send me links to posts about your favourite travel experiences of the year. Please send me your links by 20th December either by email to [email protected] or via twitter to @grettaschifano. I’ll include a maximum of the first 20 relevant links which I receive. Thank you!

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