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Talking Tube Feeding with BritMums Influencers

Talking Tube Feeding with BritMums Influencers

We’re so excited about our #TalkingTubeFeeding Campaign, which is all about talking to, listening to, and sharing stories with parents and carers who tube feed their children. We’re featuring and amplifying the voices of parents whether they use formal feed, blended diets, or both. We’re also talking about weight management, energy requirements, the emotional element of tube feeding and more. This is such an inspiring community who support their children in amazing ways, through all types of tube feeding.

The campaign is sponsored by Talking Tube Feeding, a tube feeding support website powered by Nestlé Health Science and developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals and tube feeding families. On the site you can find recipes for blended diets, guidance from healthcare professionals and support for parents. “The Talking Tube Feeding website has tons of valuable information about tube feeding, parents’ stories and even amazing recipes to try on your blended diet journey,” says Hanna from George’s Journeyy, one of the parents sharing their experiences. “I wish I knew about it at the beginning of our journey.”

We had a Zoom call with Hanna, Lorenza and Kerry, three mums with different experiences but similar inspiring stories, along with a Specialist Paediatric Dietitian.

See what our parents are sharing about their tube feeding experiences. (Be sure to follow them and leave comments.)

Hanna from George’s Journeyy has a son who uses a nasogastric tube.

“I tried so hard to support George in feeding orally and avoid a feeding tube as it was a scary thought and I felt like I was failing him as a parent, but within weeks of accepting the tube George progressed massively, he gained weight, had more energy and was able to consume all of his nutrients.

“We have chosen to take part in the Talking Tube Feeding project to share our story and hopefully help other families along the way. We have come up against many struggles whilst tube feeding, especially when choosing to use a blended diet, the lack of knowledge and support received was hard to contend with and it felt like a very lonely time.”

See more on Hanna’s Instagram feed: Georges_journeyy

Kerry’s daughter Mila has been tube feeding from birth.

“I have learnt so much from other tube feeding families and I can’t wait to share more of my knowledge with you all…When Mila was sent home with her first tube and every tube after that, it was this community that was there to answer questions, pass on tips and more.”

“The Talking Tube Feeding website is not only useful for families dealing directly with tube feeding but also extended family, friends or schools that want to learn more about how they can help and support those with feeding tubes. I know from my personal experience that Mila’s teachers at school always have questions and want to gain more understanding of everything surrounding tube feeding. I’m still learning.”

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Lorenza’s daughter Eliza has a bumpy journey.

“I am passionate about joining forces to help spread awareness & share my experiences with other families. I remember the day we found out that Eliza would be fed via an nasogastric (NG) tube. It felt like the beginning of the end, but how wrong I was! It was actually the beginning of living… The real game changer for us is when we made the transition from her NG tube to her gastrostomy (G) tube. This was a painful choice to make at the time. It felt like we had given up all hope of her ever eating orally, but this wasn’t the case. This was the day we changed her quality of life.”

See more on Lorenza’s Instagram feed:

Our tube-feeding parents will be sharing more tube feeding stories so be sure to follow along with the #TalkingTubeFeeding hashtag.

More about tube feeding

Learn more about tube feeding, get recipes for blended diets, hear from specialists and more on the Talking Tube Feeding site!


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