The joys of vlogging

HonestMum why i vlogWe’ve reached a time where there is increasingly less of a distinction between TV and online platforms when it comes to how we view content. 

As viewers, we want to be our own scheduler, to watch ‘on demand’ in whichever format and platform we wish, and at a time that suits us.

Yes, there are some big draw TV programmes which warrant a collective watch- XFactor anyone? but for the most part, we choose what to watch and when.

 Online is a decentralised space, and offers greater freedom than traditional media-we have an idea, we shoot, edit then publish-with YouTube in particular making filmakers and presenters of us all!

And therein lies the power for vloggers and YouTubers-we can create content easily and quickly (you can shoot on your phone if you  and can even edit in YouTube), without the need to wait for years in most cases for commissioning editors to greenlight your work. 

And video is big business and it’s growing at an exponential rate.

Despite only vlogging for a few weeks myself, because of my award winning filmmaking background, over the years, many of my highest paid commissions have come from creating original video content for brands’ sites and social media as well as my own YouTube platform.

But you don’t need a traditional TV directing career to succeed in this area. 

Film concise, engaging pieces. Vlogs tend to be raw in their nature and start publishing.

I feel so excited about vlogging and have committed to creating daily vlogs.  It allows me to capture precious moments with my family as well as on my adventures as a professional blogger be it shoots with renowned photographers or filming for TV.

It’s naturalised being on camera for me, raised my confidence and doesn’t take much time at all. 

Below is Day 17 where I’ve shared attending the MOBO Awards with my friends in Leeds. 

Do also check out my vlog on ‘Why I Vlog’ too, it might just inspire you to pick up the camera yourself. 

I couldn’t love vlogging more! 

You can subscribe to Vicki’s YouTube Channel HERE and read her blog Honest Mum.

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About Vicki Psarias

Vicki Psarias Vicki Psarias is founder and author of one of the most popular parenting blogs in the UK, Honest Mum and sister style blog Mummy’s Got Style
Vicki is also a multi-award winning TV Director and Filmmaker. Her website is Twitter: @HonestMummy.


  1. 14 November 2015 / 10:21

    I find the whole concept of vlogging really interesting – we make videos as part of our blog posts but I don’t consider myself a vlogger despite now having over 100 videos on our you tube channel. I wonder what makes the difference between a vlogger and someone who uses video in blogposts?

    • 14 November 2015 / 11:04

      I say call yourself what you like. I only started vlogging daily a few weeks ago but I call myself a vlogger and YouTuber as well as a blogger. Embrace it all!