The cocktail bloggers you HAVE to read

CocktailWhile we love reading all BritMums’ blogs, there are some that are some that stand out as so funny, so outrageous, so honest that you have to read them with a cocktail to hand… or at the least, a very strong cup of tea and a HobNob. So, grab your poison, put your feed up and enjoy some of the best cocktail bloggers from the BritMums network. 


Fran from Motherventing blogs to let her creative energies out, and talks about her experiences as a mum and the physical, mental and emotional challenges it brings. But if this sounds like a run-of-the-mill parenting blog, take a look at the strapline for a clue to the gems inside: “taking all the fluffy aspects of parenting and totally sh**ting all over them”.

How to be a Domestic Disgrace

Lise – a self-confessed slummy mummy – describes her domestic approach as:  “What Nigella would do if she had an insubordinate toddler, 97 pence to last the week and a kitchen full of flying ants…” We love it! Ascerbic, confessional and brilliantly funny.


Annie from Mammasaurus doesn’t just wax lyrical about her eight – yes, eight – smiling, cheeky children and the fun of family life but the gin lover also writes our brilliant Newbie Tuesday posts and runs to showcase new talent and help new bloggers become, well, old bloggers.


Oh come on, beat this as an intro: “now I wee when I sneeze”. And so begins the often hilarious, honest and sometimes deeply moving journey into Mammywoo’s world. No wonder she won Best New Blog 2011 at the MADs.

Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy?

Covers motherhood, “the longest journey I’ve ever had”. Laura has three kids, ranging from five to 16 and a husband that is as interested in cooking as Laura isn’t. Which seems to work rather well.


WitWitWoo is Kate Sutton – she of the amazing flame-red hair – and her space online is filled with thoughts, reviews, rants, raves and efforts to be the best mum possible to her two sons. With a life that’s seen Kate show up for an Apprentice audition and star in a vodka commercial, boring WiWitWoo ain’t…

More than just a mother

Emily Carlisle’s ‘extreme parenting’ blog is for those of us who have ever “put the children to bed early just so you can open the wine”. She pulls no punches, bubbles over with expertly crafted opinion posts, and has won so many fans that Emily was voted Best Writer at this year’s MADs.

Adventures of a Working Mum

Mother of one, wife and “suited and booted office wonder”, our ‘Working Mum’ wears many hats, spins many plates (not all of them with cake on) and blogs about it for our reading pleasure as she goes. Phew,  it makes one tired just watching…

And of course, we couldn’t leave out the aptly named: Cocktails at naptime

Gillian Martin and Emma Kauffman met over the ‘blogosphere’ and co-wrote ‘Cocktails at Naptime’ a blog and book that looks at early motherhood with the rose tinted spectacles firmly off and crushed into the ground. Their witty and wicked appraisal of the roller coaster of parenting tell the secrets all those other baby books never dare to – perineum bruising included.

Who is missing from our list? Add yourselves or your favourites in our comments below.

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About Holly Seddon

Holly Seddon is the BritMums blog editor. She’s a writer, editor and community consultant and helped launched the community for Adoption UK, which won charity website of the year just 9 months later. She also writes a music blog and is a near-constant presence on the BritMums network.


  1. 13 October 2011 / 07:23

    All sweetness and life charts, with brutal honesty and hilarious detail, the ups and downs of life, parenting, dating and drinking too much Sauvignon Blanc as a single mother of one living in London.

  2. 13 October 2011 / 12:52

    How lovely, thanks for putting me on this fab list. Am now heading off to the kitchen to whip up a stiff mojito before enjoying the other blogs! x

  3. 13 October 2011 / 15:25

    Oh, thank you for including me on this list! I have put Rory in baby jail (his bedroom with a stair gate at the door – you WILL have a nap, child) so I can read the other blogs listed.