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The best ways to drink premium canned drinks

The best ways to drink premium canned drinks

These days you can enjoy high-quality drinks of all kinds in convenient cans — premixed cocktails, luxury flavoured waters and soft drinks, specialty beers and even canned wine.

Why drink canned wine, cocktails and premium soft drinks?

Canned premium drinks offer a load of benefits. Of course they are portable, convenient and good to have poolside (no glass to break), but when we asked BritMums parent influencers to try them, they revealed the benefits of canned drinks that make them perfect for the British summer. We also like that cans provide easy portion control, so we know how much we’re drinking, whether that’s alcoholic or not.

So how do we enjoy premium canned drinks over the summer? Check out this post for ideas of how to enjoy a delicious, portable, beautifully packaged drink in an eco-conscious container.

How do we enjoy #SummerInACan?

With quality drinks – ‘I hadn’t realised just how many decent drinks are now available in cans,’ says Mumsomnia, who enjoys her rosé indoors and out. Drinkers like that they can have an easy, already chilled mixed drink, or a more interesting non-alcoholic tipple as well as beer and wine (yes, wine in a can that you want to drink!).

pic of Atelier Mirabeau wine in a can
@Mumsomnia enjoys her rose, even if Mancunian weather doesn’t cooperate

With the fruits and flowers of the seasons – Summer in a can means enjoying all kinds of drinks – from beer to wine to cocktails to sparkling water infusions – with all kinds of flavours and tastes. A Slummy Mummy captures the feelings of the season.

flat-lay pictures of premium canned drinks with flowers and fruits
@a_slummymummy‘s beautiful flat-lays of some premium canned drinks

On our evening walks – We love that drinks in a can are the perfect size to take along on a walk — great to pick up quickly so you don’t miss the sunset. Plus, a 250ml can equates to 2 small glasses of wine at the pub, so it’s easy to enjoy on the go.

Picture of Mirabeau canned wine on a lakeside by The Williams World
@TheWilliamsWorld captured this shot on the last evening of their lakeside getaway

In our handbags – One thing that makes canned drinks particularly good for mums are their compact size, perfect to slip into your handbag or changing bag on your way out. @SpookyMrsGreen found this handy while out in Blackpool.

canned premium drinks

While camping – Summer in a can is wonderful to experience while camping, in the sun or around the fire. With bunting of course!

canned premium drinks beside a fire at a campsite
@MyModelMummy shows one way to enjoy your drinks while camping

In a recyclable way – Knowing that cans are the most recyclable material and that 82% are recycled in the UK makes our drinks that much more enjoyable…and sustainable.

In a hammock – Because it’s nice to lounge glamorously with drink in hand…

glamorous woman drinking a premium canned drink in a hammock
@MyModelMummy looking gorgeous with a flavoured sparkling water, a hammock and a bit of sun

While roasting marshmallows – Pair your portable, portion-controlled quality canned drink with this fun summer activity, like Welsh Mum of 3 Boys did.

Radnor infusions with sparkling spring water
Welsh Mum of 3 Boys demonstrates a great combination – a refreshing drink and roasted marshmallows.

While gardening – We all know how much Brits love puttering around the garden. Welsh Mum also loves popping a can in her pocket, to enjoy while tending her garden. They’re also convenient when popping round to a friend’s garden.

By the water – Whether it’s with a sprinkler; by the sea, lake or canal; or in a pool or hot tub, premium drinks in cans are ideal. We can have our drink of choice, there’s no glass to break and less chance of sand getting in it.

And of course by the paddling pool – As we all splash around at home.

canned drinks and backyard pool
A More Intentional Life declares ‘Summer sorted’!

For pre-gig drinks – As Chatterfox Blog says, there are so many reasons that a drink in a can is great before going to your favourite music show. ‘Nothing better than a drink in a can whilst warming up for the first post-lockdown gig. The perfect size to carry in your bag for a cheeky drink before going into the venue. Perfectly portioned, recyclable cans mean you’re not wasting your drink when you get to the gate.’

premium canned drinks at harbour
@Chatterfoxblog has a quick drink with a friend before heading into a gig in Scarborough

With a good book – A drink, a summer’s day or evening and a good book. Plenty of us name this as an ideal way to enjoy our beverage of choice, including when it involves a digital book, like @MyThreeAndMeBlog enjoys in the garden.

premium canned drinks with books
Family Fashion (left) and Rebecca Beesley settle down with a good read.

On a caravan holiday – Whether your British caravan holiday means cricket and cooking out or relaxing inside listening to rain on the caravan’s roof, Summer in a Can has you covered.

Premium canned drink at caravan holiday
Your Blended Family demonstrates a real British caravan holiday

By elevating a regular evening at home – A Suffolk Mum shows how a regular Friday evening is elevated with wine in a can.

Without any leftover wine – No-waste wine experiences are a plus. With cans, we can enjoy wine at home or on a picnic without having to lug home a half-empty bottle or pour it away a few days later. It’s the wine we want, when we want it. You can have a rosé while your companion has a chenin blanc, as @HeartSkipsaBeat21 illustrates.

Canned wine Chenin blanc and Rose by @HeartSkipsABeat21

With friends – Having friends round for a variety of drinks is easier than ever with premium canned drinks, as @TheFrazzledCollective shows with her Poulton Bar and Grill.

premium canned drinks in home bar
Step into The Frazzled Collective‘s bar….

When the weather turnsWorking Mum Life enjoys canned wine the traditional British summer way: with a brolly! Additional bonus with a can: less rain falls in your drink. Cheers!

woman under umbrella with wine in a can in her back garden

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