Teens & Tweens Round-up: The highs & lows

At last we seem to emerging from a long, dark winter! The spring flowers are blooming. There is even the glint of sun in the sky every now and again, swiftly followed by an icy downpour. This is what it can be like parenting tweens and teens and this month’s round up is a reflection of the extremes of emotion that raising adolescents can trigger.

Let’s start with the saddest parts! We all know that the culmination of the teen years is our children leaving us. This may happen gradually, it may not happen until they are well into their twenties (or beyond) or they may leave and come back! However, every parent of teens has the thought of their kids leaving home at the back of their mind. This can make you a little sad, reflective and, yes, even needy. I know that I am. This hugely touching post called A note from a needy Mum to my terrific teenagers from Kelly at Daydreams of a Mum sums up exactly how many of us feel about our relationship with our teens and I dare you to try and read it without crying a little. But don’t stop there. I have one more tear jerker for you. Nigel at DIY Dad has a hugely moving post ‘Oh no, a text I never wanted to read‘ about a text he received from his daughter which indicated that she was thinking of living overseas. That one will set you off again!

Moving on to the happy. Susie at So Happy in Town has a hysterical post which is a tongue in cheek look at a family ski holiday. That one will have you crying as well but in a good way! Another hilarious post from Midlife Dramas in Pyjamas describes an ordinary, but very funny, family moment on the school run.

Fear is another emotion that parents of teens will be familiar with and the internet is a constant source of that. Sharon who blogs at Everyone’s Buck Stops Here describes a very alarming situation involving teens and the internet. What impressed me was how well her teen daughter handled the situation which brings me to another emotion that parents of teens will be experience – pride.

Sarah, at Mum of 3 World, perfectly describes her heart-swelling pride for her son as he dealt with a very challenging situation. Teens are amazing! Let’s not forget that the teenage years are a time of huge opportunity and enterprise. I big up the teens with my two posts on top jobs for teens and why teens make the best entrepreneurs packed with tips for teens who want to earn a bit (or a lot) of cash.

The exam season is lurking after Easter so brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen and have a great Easter break.

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About Sharon Parry

Sharon is a Mum to three fabulous tween and teen daughters. After leaving a scientific academic career to raise her family she discovered the world of writing which ultimately led to her launching her blog http://www.aftertheplayground.com in early 2016.
As a veteran of the parenting scene, you’d think she’d know what she was doing by now. She doesn’t. Instead, she is gradually adjusting to parenting teens and adult children and will probably become an expert shortly after her youngest leaves home. She shares her experiences of defining this fascinating stage of motherhood (and of herself) on her blog and at @DrSharonParry1.