Teens & Tweens: Supporting kids through change

It really feels like summer has arrived! The end of SATS, tests, GCSEs and A levels is in sight! Hopefully, the parks and beaches will soon be full of young people relaxing and having a great time.

At the same time, it’s an important few weeks for tweens. The Year 6 children are entering their very last year in primary school. It can be an emotional and stressful time for them and their parents. At the other end of the scale, our sixth formers are making arrangements for where they will be living next year if they are going away to university.

Thank goodness, our trusty band of bloggers have been in great form over the last month and here are my top picks for you to read.

  • I share my recent post which is a summary of what parents can do to help with that all important transition from primary school to secondary school.
  • From Inside, Outside and Beyond, there’s a revealing and moving post on parenting a child with a mental illness
  • There’s a lovely post from Old House in the Shires called Advice for my son as he turns 16. This will mean a lot to parents of teen boys and indeed to all of us! 
  • From Mary at Other Thoughts there’s a fantastic post about what it’s like when your young adult children make that big move away from home. This is different from the ‘temporary’ move to university. 
  • From Rockin’ Random Mom there is a super useful post on negotiating college open days for young people with autism. 
  • What do you offers some insightful thoughts on teens and eating – a worrying and important issue.
  • Mum of three world shares an honest account of weighing up the pros and cons of giving your teens more freedom in Teenagers – when is the right time to let go? A dilemma faced by parents of teens everywhere! 
  • Finally, I share my post on How to spot the Year 6 leavers – you may see your own child in here! 

So, that’s all for this month. I’d love to hear what you thought of them. There’s plenty more each week in the #TweensTeensBeyond linky on my blog. Good luck with the rest of this term. If you have a blog post that you think will be useful for Mums and Dads of tweens, teens or young adult children I would love to read it. You can submit it for consideration by emailing me at [email protected]. Take care and I’ll see you next month.


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About Sharon Parry

Sharon is a Mum to three fabulous tween and teen daughters. After leaving a scientific academic career to raise her family she discovered the world of writing which ultimately led to her launching her blog http://www.aftertheplayground.com in early 2016.
As a veteran of the parenting scene, you’d think she’d know what she was doing by now. She doesn’t. Instead, she is gradually adjusting to parenting teens and adult children and will probably become an expert shortly after her youngest leaves home. She shares her experiences of defining this fascinating stage of motherhood (and of herself) on her blog and at @DrSharonParry1.