Teen and tween round up: The good and the bad

teen boy with ipad miniSpring is in the air and it will soon be time to get those teens and tweens off the XBox and out into the garden. No, I’m not sure I’ll manage it either! Welcome to another teen and tween round-up. Without any sort of planning, there have been a lot of contributions this month showing both sides of our teens and tweens. Several bloggers have contributed two posts, which show their kids at the best and their worst. Plenty of these have had me in tears, which in my opinion is the true mark of a really good blogpost!

As a touchline mum myself, I love this from Stressy Mummy on accepting and embracing life as a touchline mum. Standing in the cold can seem like a challenge sometimes, but you really can’t beat watching your kids playing sport and enjoying it.

Still hanging out on the touchline, is one of my favourite teen and tween bloggers – Touchline Dad. Except this time he’s got a guest blogger on his site – his wife who writes about being an unsporty mum of three sporty kids. Even though I see myself as more of a sporty mum (I do run half marathons after all), I can relate to so much of what she says. Sport is so important to kids and their sense of belonging. If you’re a mum of younger children, please have a read – this is your future!

Jen at Instinctive Mum has been having a tough time with her 12 year old. Her daughter is pushing against all the boundaries and rules and Jen is struggling to know how to deal with everything.

So I absolutely love this post, also from Jen. Despite all those clashes, she was pleasantly surprised when her daughter told her all the things that are amazing about her.

Jen’s post was inspired by this from Kate on Thin Ice, who has a regular Groovy Mums linky. She challenged mums to ask their kids what makes them groovy. Kate’s 13 year old son listed some lovely things about Kate. She must be so proud, it’s great when your kids remind you they’re not all bad. Wonder what my kids would say about me…

In return, Kate has written an absolutely beautiful post on what makes her son so special. Have a read! I guarantee it will bring tears to your eyes.

Over at MumofThree World, my 12 year old son is behaving in a typical careless tween way. Did he apologise? Did he see that he’d done anything wrong? You’ll have to have a read to find out.

Continuing the theme of the good and the bad of our teens and tweens, when I was having a really bad day and upsetting everyone, there was only one person who saw that I was hurting too. When the chips were down, my son was there for me. I shall always be grateful to him for that.

Please go over and see Suzanne at 3 Children and It and reassure her she’s not the only one – the only one whose kids can’t bear each other!  As a mum of three kids of a very similar age to Suzanne’s I can relate to some of what she says, but my kids aren’t quite that bad. I’m wondering if it’s a girl thing? Either way, I’m sure Suzanne would love to hear from you.

Teen Tween Toddler is a new blog to the round-up. Let’s all say it, shall we? She’s got her hands full! She’s written the classic ‘think you’ve got it hard with a toddler, just you wait and see what’s round the corner’ post.

On a similar theme, Mum in Meltdown shares her experiences of half-term with teenagers. Put it this way – there’s no crafting, den building or walks in the wood. So if your kids are still of an age to enjoy these things, make the most of them!

I love this from Barbie Bieber and Beyond – 10 things mums should teach their daughters. My daughter is very nearly 8 and fast approaching her tween years. So far, according to this, I’m doing a pretty good job of parenting her so far. I give her lots of praise and she is very confident and happy in herself. And she ALWAYS dances like no-one is watching. I hope she never loses this and I’ll bear all of these points in mind as she approaches her teens.

A similar post comes from Glowology – yet another blog making its first appearance on the round-up. She talks about the importance of teaching our teen and tween daughters (and don’t forget nieces and friends who might appreciate advice from other adults more than their parents) the true meaning of beauty. With so many distorted images on the internet and so many girls with poor self-esteem, we can’t give them these messages enough.

Summer is fast approaching, and if you’ve got an older teenager it’s a fairly safe bet they’ll be considering going to a festival. Which can only make us parents worry! Magazine Mum is another new contributor to the round-up. She shares her teenage son’s advice on festivals Tent for £12.50, anyone?!

Well, that’s all for this month. It’s been great to have so many contributions and to hear from some new bloggers. If you’ve posted about teens or tweens lately, feel free to add them to the linky below. Or why not send me your posts for next month’s round-up?

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About Sarah Wood

Sarah is mum to a teenage boy and a tween boy and girl. When it comes to primary school stuff, she’s got it sussed. But she’s realising that as secondary school and puberty hit, she’s still got a lot to learn!
Between tweeting, blogging and parenting, Sarah is a freelance PR and copywriter, who still finds time to run long distances and eat a lot of chocolate. It doesn’t leave much time for housework.



  1. 02 March 2014 / 14:40

    Hi Sarah

    Glad to find you. Been trying to find tween parents etc. for both our product and life in general. Had some great help from @adadcalledspen as felt swamped by all these lovely new baby people. Don’t want to take up anyone’s blog space and yet would love tweens to play with our product and say what they think, how they want to eat fruit etc.

    Any suggestions? wanted to make life easier for parents like us and hopefully have a good business at the end of it…oooo and buy a water pump roundabout or too in S Africa….

    Best wishes


  2. 07 March 2014 / 10:01

    HI Ellen – it is hard to find tween bloggers, there aren’t that many! There’s me – MumofThree World (@sarahMo3W on Twitter) – I edit this round-up. There’s 3 ChildrenandIt (@3childrenandit on Twitter). We both have more than one tween! A lot of the other parents have one tween and a younger child or an older child. If you look at the links on the round-up, most will have contact details. Good luck!