Teen & Tween Round-up: They’re not so bad!

Teens watching TV by Jaimie Duplass via ShutterstockSometimes when I start pulling these round-ups together, a theme seems to develop. This month, I’m pleased to say, we seem to have a lot of positive posts about how teenagers really aren’t that bad really!

It’s great to welcome a few newer bloggers to the round-up this time. Parenting teenagers isn’t easy, so it’s good to share what we’re all going through. It’s nice to know that not all bloggers are writing about toddlers and pre-schoolers!

So here’s what our Britmums teens and tweens have been up to this month…

After The Playground is one of our newer bloggers and I’m sharing two posts from her this month, starting with this one about enjoying her youngest child being 10. With a 10 year old daughter of my own, I can totally relate to what she’s saying.

In the same vein, over at MumofThree World I have been enjoying my younger son being 12. He still has a lot of childish enthusiasm for life and I’m loving every second of it while it lasts, even the random conversations we have in the car going to school.

Things haven’t been so lighthearted with Suzanne at 3 Children and It lately (check out her blog if you don’t know why), but I’ve decided, in the spirit of my positive round-up, to share this happy little post about her very useful 11 year old son. I’m pleased to say my 12 year old is just the same and I fear I’m becoming rather over-reliant on him!

With the summer holidays just around the corner, I’m sure I’m not the only one expecting six weeks of kids attached to iPhones and iPads. So I’m very grateful to Anita at Thinking Parenting for her ideas on dragging kids away from tech and out into the great outdoors.

When they put their minds to it, teenagers can be helpful, caring and achieve some amazing things – like Mother of Teenagers’s daughter, who recently received an achievement award for her commitment to Girl Guides and for inspiring other members.

Best Dad I Can Be’s big kids didn’t just have him in tears over their thoughtful Father’s Day gestures, they had me in tears too! I’m looking forward to when my kids are as thoughtful as this. It will happen, right?

I love this positive post from Mad House Mum on all the positive things teenagers do – from making dinner to picking up their siblings from school. Where do you get this sort of teenager from, please? I’d like one!

But not all teenagers are helpful, as Single Mum of Two Teens (and a cat) reminds us in this post about the dishwasher. So hands up whose kids do actually clear the table…

Eventually, parenting as we know it (mainly endless lifts), comes to an end and our kids fly the nest. Izzie Anderton’s twin daughters are no longer teenagers, but I thought it was fitting to include this beautiful post from her as they leave uni and prepare to go out and face the real world.

And it’s back to After the Playground for the final word, as she reflects on life to come as her daughter prepares to go away to university. How does parenting change and how do we embrace the change? I would urge you to read this post. I will be following her journey and learning from it.

That’s about all for this month. If you’d like to included in next month’s round-up, please tweet me your links. You can also add them to the linky below.

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