Positively Inspirational Round-up: Adoption, referendum & mental health

inspirational blog postsHi Friends, I hope you are well and managing to find some glimpses of joy in this excuse of a summer. I’m feeling optimistic and once the kids break up I predict we will have full-on sunshine for the next six weeks, let’s just pray I’m right.

For now I’m happy to provide you with some inspirational reading to help you feel a little more positive amidst the rain! It’s an eclectic mix this month, so grab a cuppa and get reading, there is something for everyone –

The EU Referendum is still very raw for so many people and whilst I’m seeing melt-down and cross words from so many people (especially on Facebook) there are some fabulous bloggers who are putting their point across in a way that helps us to understand their viewpoint and not compromise their integrity. You can hear the sadness in Claire’s words as she writes the post titled ‘Words and Silence’ but she ends with hope and I was gripped reading Happy Now? from Katy at KatyBoo1 and so were thousands of other people it seems. She has a great discourse going in the comments section with over 900 comments. If you read one post though I’d say head over to Midlife Single Mum and really contemplate on Rachel’s post about the same Referendum but different issues.

You might have been reading Suzanne’s posts on Three Children and It about her eldest daughter being away from home at the moment in residential therapy. Her beautiful girl is on quite a journey battling with mental health issues but how can you fail to be inspired by a 16 year old who wants to attend her leavers prom, despite having been ‘missing’ from school for the last three months? I love her spirit and courage to buy a new dress and to head back to school for a proper ending, I wish her well.

Next up is a beautiful guest post featured on Let Boys Be Boys, here we read about children and the holes they have in their buckets. Not their bucket for playing in the sand you understand, but their virtual bucket that needs filling with love so they can feel secure and supported. I’ll be sharing this analogy with my kids as I think it is really helpful for them to understand that we need to always build people up and never knock them down.

Naomi has written a great post about the eight best things about having a newborn baby and I did feel so clucky reading it. Sadly I don’t think it is ever on the cards for me to give birth again as I can relate to the joy of newborn snuggles, watching too much TV whilst breastfeeding and having a babe that stays in the same place when you put them down! Lol

I love finding a new blog that really speaks to me and I found one just the other day. Diary of an Imperfect Mummy is written by Catie and her post titles ‘Don’t shame my mummy tummy’ is fabulous. She kicks ass and affirms all at the same time.

I’ll leave you on a light note. Anya at Older Single Mum’s eldest son turned 11 recently and I just had to share this post with you where she gushes about her boy and the pride is almost tangible. Having met him I can confirm he is a lovely and very caring lad.

So until we meet again in September, have a fantastic summer and don’t forget to check on the first Saturday in August for another Positively Inspirational round-up, this time compiled by Emma from The Syders.

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