2-minute survey: Working with brands #prizes


With so many brands keen on engaging with bloggers to help tell their story, we are keen to know how well that is going for you and your blog.

Are brands getting it right or wrong in the way they try to work with you? Are they tuned in to what it is you actually want to write about? What do they need to do more of? And are they aligned with the topics that are of most interest to you right now?

We really want to know your thoughts and opinions. Share those with us by 16th June and you could be one of 20 respondents to win a £20 John Lewis shopping voucher as a thank you!

Take the survey now!

 Make sure you read the Terms & Conditions.


The winners are:

1 st: [email protected]
 2nd: lindahobbis
3rd: [email protected]
 4th: scottishmum
 5th: kirstyphillipsonlowe
 6th: Ourlittlehouseinthecountry
 7th: Elisa Tomba
 8th: louiseje
 9th: jo.brooks
10th: Writingsramblingsreviews
11th: theygrowsoquick
12th: Chazgal06
13th: foz_pot
14th: RebeccaGrace123
15th: cherylpasquier
16th: cafebebeuk
17th: vickywelton
18th: anywaytostayathome          
19th: gymbunnymummy
20th: mummysknee

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