Fun ideas for celebrating with helium balloons

woman holding helium balloons

Make every day a holiday, says Tigerlilly Quinn

Are you planning a birthday party, family get-together, anniversary, christening or other celebration? You can give it wow factor and lift easily and affordably with helium balloons. BritMums teamed up with Balloon Time and bloggers to create a “Celebration Club”, highlighting the fun ways we can add the colour and fun of helium-filled balloons to special occasions, using Balloon Time helium kits.

Here’s some inspiration:

Happy balloon moments

Maybe you should go all out like Fritha and make every day a celebration. Life is short and something simple like balloons can make some amazing memories.

We loved seeing how Alex used the kit for a gender reveal to let people know whether she was expecting a boy or a girl.

As we get older, we really value every day with our loved ones. Check out this beautiful post where Penny and family mark her father’s 70th birthday in style.

Family celebrations with balloons

When twins turn two, balloons have them floating on air.

Facing up to milestone birthday can bring its wobbly moments so we adored this life-affirming post from Katrina on how she marked her 30th birthday.

They do say life begins at 40 and it begins in a much better way with balloons.

Steph was delighted to see family reuniting from across the United Kingdom to acknowledge her mother’s birthday with balloons adding to the fun inside and out.

Helium balloons tied to shoes

A gender reveal moment for new baby, by Bump to Baby

Imaginative party ideas with balloons

You are never too grown-up for balloons and we promise you will want to replicate this wonderful concept from Michelle used on the occasion of her child’s 16th birthday.

Perhaps you could go for gold and have two birthdays like the Queen and Vicky who has the most amazing plans for her unbirthday.

Continuing the theme of new beginnings, Eileen brought the community together with balloons for a colourful Chinese New Year.

Balloon Time helium kitHow to use home helium balloon kits

Balloon Time helium tanks help you create the magic anytime and anywhere. Kits, which can be found at Asda, Toys R Us and other party shops, come complete with:

• Lightweight, portable helium tank

• 30 colourful latex balloons, which can be inflated in a variety of colour combinations and designs

• Spool of white ribbon

With Balloon Time, there is no need to struggle with cramming pre-inflated balloons in your car or carrying them down the street. It’s portable, so you can inflate in the comfort of your own home or venue. It’s as easy as inflate, tie and repeat!

The Celebration Club bloggers were compensated for their time. All opinions are the bloggers’ own

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