How you can support vulnerable children & families on your blog this Christmas

The Children’s Society is a national charity that aims for a country where young people are free from disadvantage.  From lobbying and campaigning to running local projects which directly help children, they have a Christmas appeal for BritMums’ bloggers, where you can use your voice and your platform to help raise awareness of the issues that face many young people at this time of year.  Here they share how you can support vulnerable children and families on your blog this Christmas.

The Children’s Society photoAs the festive season gets underway with twinkly lights and jingly bells, many of us will be looking forward to a cosy, happy time surrounded by family. For most of us, Christmas is a time of family and celebration.  But sadly for many children and families in this country, Christmas will be a struggle.
From our research and work with children, we estimate that 2,760 children will go missing from home or care during the festive period – some of these children are running away from abuse or neglect at home. Many are left cold and alone on the streets, vulnerable to abuse, exploitation and even rape.
Vulnerable families struggling with debt may be pushed further into debt by the cost of Christmas, while in some cases mums and dads will have to make impossible decisions between providing essentials for their children and paying the bills.

Your support makes a difference

We know lots of bloggers do amazing things to spread goodwill at this time of year. Your blog can help. By getting involved and supporting The Children’s Society this Christmas, you’ll be raising awareness and making a difference to children and young people across the country.  Here are a few topics that you can talk about on your blog.
Money pressures at Christmas
Could your blog help highlight the stress of being in debt, especially at this time of year? Our #DebtTrap campaign is calling on the Government to create a ‘breathing space’ scheme to help struggling families in problem debt.
What kind of context do you think today’s children are growing up in when it comes to money and bills?
For some families, debt can be a serious problem and it can impact on children’s well-being and mental health. Just one sudden unexpected event, such as illness, or broken boiler, can send a family spiraling into debt that can be difficult to recover from.
Request a blogging pack for full background on the campaign and how to share our petition on your blog. You can also request a free t-shirt to support the campaign!

Running away from home
Every year in Britain, 100,000 children run away from home or care. Christmas should be a time of family and celebration, but some children are running away from abuse or neglect. And when they run away they’re in serious danger of exploitation and abuse.
What do you think is the one everyday item children who run away are the most likely to forget? Find out the answer in our blogging pack with other ideas of how you can support this urgent appeal.
Are you a festive baker?
Donate your favourite Christmas recipes! We’ll post the best ones on our website and social media for our supporters to enjoy, and of course will include a link to your blog. Our supporters will download your recipes for Bake & Brew fundraising events in support of The Children’s Society.

Charity shop challenge
Are you an amazing shopper? Delve into one of our charity shops and see what gifts you can find and then encourage your followers to do the same. Check out our handy map to find your nearest The Children’s Society charity shop.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the support we’ve had from bloggers this year and would love to see your festive posts supporting our work this December. Email us at [email protected] for a blogging pack full of ideas, images, videos and everything you need to support us this Christmas. Share your posts with us by tagging us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Learn more about The Children’s Society at their website.

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